Highest Rated 3D Printers

1FlashForge Dreamer55555Read Reviews
2FlashForge Creator Pro4.754.754.754.754.75Read Reviews
3XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.04.434.434.434.434.43Read Reviews

Tutorial: Sketch Blocks in Solidworks


When making a drawing in SolidWorks, you can make entities called “Blocks,” which may be comprised of any single sketch entity or combination of sketch entities. Relations can then be made between these Blocks in a similar fashion to the… Continue Reading

Robo 3D R1 Review

Overall RatingNo Ratings

The Robo 3D R1 is a very good printer and exceptionally good value. The printer comes fully assembled and requires minimal effort to become operational. It can print using PLA and ABS materials, as well as specialty materials. The all-metal-hot-end… Continue Reading

3D Printing On The Moon


One of the problems NASA is facing in its plans for space exploration concerns building habitats on other worlds for its astronauts. The expense of taking building materials all the way from Earth to the moon, not to mention Mars,… Continue Reading

MakerGear M2 Review

Overall RatingNo Ratings

The MakerGear M2 is one of MakerGear’s most recent product releases. This printer has a steel frame coated in black powder. The z-axis allows for printing resolution from 50 to 300 microns. Adjustments to the resolution can be made in… Continue Reading

3DSystems Cube 3 Review

Overall RatingNo Ratings

3DSystems invented 3D printing technology in 1989 and remain one of the leading manufacturers of the technology. The company offers a wide range of products, from industrial grade to consumer grade, in all price ranges. They have 3D printers for large and small manufacturing, home enthusiasts, and specialty printers for the medical field. Continue Reading

Parts or Full Cars – 3D Printed Vehicles


By now you are aware of the amazing feats accomplished by 3-D printing technology. Popular Mechanics magazine just reported on the first 3-D printed car, a historic moment for additive manufacturing and automotive design. The Strati, by Local Motors out of Phoenix, Arizona,… Continue Reading

Designing and 3DPrinting Prosthetic Limbs


Photo from E-Nable (http://enablingthefuture.org) A hot topic in the additive manufacturing field is the impact that 3D Printing Services are having on the design and development of prosthetic limbs. Leading the way in this field are non-profit ventures e-NABLE, a network of 3-D… Continue Reading

3D Printing and the Aerospace Industry


Aerospace is one of the main industries that can benefit from developments in 3D Printing The aerospace industry is a main market for additive manufacturing. This is not only because this sector has a long history of an early adopter… Continue Reading

Federal Regulations for 3D Printing


Breakthrough in medical devices, aerospace, automotive and other industries means that regulations for 3D printing are starting to become increasingly important. (Robohand image via MakerBot) High-tech industries such as aerospace and medical fields are turning to 3D printing as a replacement for… Continue Reading

Printed Circuits with a #3dPrinter


Electronic devices and components, such as light switches, cell phones, and circuit boards, are typically made up of at least two different materials. Plastics often comprise the structure and substrate while metals like copper are necessary for conducting electricity. Any… Continue Reading

5 Industries Benefiting from 3D Printing Metals


Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS), known also as laser sintering, selective laser sintering or selective laser melting is an additive manufacturing process, already adopted by industries such as aerospace, automotive or defense for the production of high-quality components with specific… Continue Reading

3D Printing Set to Disrupt Industries


On October 29, 2014, Hewlett Packard released information about its Multi-Jet Fusion technology, and how it is capable of producing multi-colored, three-dimensional objects. HP’s announcement focused widespread attention on the new industry that is quickly evolving around 3D printing. In global terms,… Continue Reading

Cubify Cube 2 Review

Overall Rating11111

The Cubify Cube’s “3D printing for the layman” approach is evident from the outset — its price range is among the lowest on the market, and its appearance can only be described as sleek. While other high-quality and very popular… Continue Reading

XYZprinting Da Vinci 2.0 Review

Overall Rating3.

Technological creativity has not only introduced 3D printing to various industries but has also put the option within reach of the average consumer. The XYZ Printing Da Vinci 2.0 is a fine example of one of those options. The capabilities… Continue Reading

Solidoodle 4 Review

Overall Rating4.

The Solidoodle 4 is a fairly good 3-D printer for the price, and users who don’t mind a lack of features and support will appreciate the large printing area and excellent software. The Solidoodle 4 is an improvement over its… Continue Reading

MakerBot Replicator Mini Review

Overall Rating1.571.571.571.571.57

The MakerBot Replicator Mini is another in a long line of 3D printers designed by MakerBot. This 3D printer is one of the smaller models available, weighing in at 18 pounds. The machine allows for the creation of hundreds of… Continue Reading

UP! Plus 2 Review

Overall RatingNo Ratings

Ease of Use UP! Plus 2 might be the first 3D printer ever created that literally anyone could use. The technology has never been presented in such a simplified and streamlined fashion. UP! Plus 2 will start printing almost instantly… Continue Reading

Dremel Idea Builder Review

Overall Rating4.674.674.674.674.67

Pros Though the Dremel Idea Builder isn’t radically different from many other models on the market, there are some nice design features that help to set it apart, including: At just under $1,000, the price is exceedingly affordable in comparison… Continue Reading