Top 5 3D Printer Accessories for under $12 on Amazon

Owning a 3D printer doesn’t always make 3D printing a smooth experience, which is why the incorporation of essential and compatible parts and accessories are required. Such required accessories also make a 3D printer easy to use and help in its proper maintenance. Some of these parts are necessarily needed to use a printer. There are hundreds of such tools and accessories available on Amazon but we are going to look at some of the most popular (and cheapest) ones. Therefore, to educate our readers about the most popular 3D printer accessories on Amazon, in this post, we have compiled an informative list of “5 Top Amazon 3D Printer Accessories.” As of the time of publication, all of the products on this list are the top selling 3d printing accessories on Amazon and under $12.

Cheap 3D Printer Accessories to Consider

1. Toybuilder Labs 3D Print Removal Tool

This tool is needed to remove the parts stuck on the 3D printer bed. That is usually a really frustrating thing to do but thanks to this accessory, the job becomes a lot easier. It can be used with every 3D printer and removes parts without damaging the print bed. The Toybuilder Labs 3D print removal tool has over 340 reviews of Amazon with a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

2. HATCHBOX 2 Spool 3D Printer Filament Tabletop Wall Mount Rack

This rack is used to hold the filament, which is easy to assemble. It is a simple device which makes using the 3D printer a lot easier. Moreover, it has many reviews, most of which are positive. Over 50 people have reviewed the HATCHBOX 3d printer filament tabletop wall rack and given it a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

3. Kamo 5PCS 0.4mm Drill Bits

These drill bits are great for nozzle cleaning, as they are one of the most popular accessories on Amazon. In length, each unit is 1.5 inches and the end of the drill is of 0.5 inches. Just make sure to keep it straight in the nozzle because the drill bits are a little bit fragile. Kamo drill bits have over 100 reviews on Amazon.

4. Signstek 3D Printer MK2 MK3 Heated Bed Tempered Borosilicate Glass Plate

This glass plate is recommended by many customers on Amazon. Even though it has a bit mixed reviews, mostly good, but overall it is a very decent product. It is a flat glass bed with smooth edges. The Signstek 3d printer heated bed tempered borosilicate glass plate have 100 reviews on Amazon.

5. Kamo 5PCS 3D Printer 0.4mm Extruder Brass Nozzle Print Head

This product has mostly good reviews and it is very popular on Amazon. Even if you clog one of them, they are still very cheap to replace. Kamo 5PCS 0.4mm Drill Bits can be used to clean these. 88 people have reviewed this Kamo 3d printer brass nozzle print head.

3d-printer-brass-nozzleYou can get many of the above 3d printer accessories for different 3d printer models. How would you review some of these products? What else should we add to the list?

Please leave a comment and let us know about some of the 3d printer accessories you use or would like to try.

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