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With so many options out there, it’s hard to know where to start when you’re on the hunt for SOLIDWORKS educational material. To help narrow things down a bit, here are our recommendations for the best SOLIDWORKS books. Let’s get started!

1. SOLIDWORKS A Power Guide for Beginners and Intermediate Users Series

Amazon Description: This textbook series not only focuses on the usages of the tools/commands of SOLIDWORKS but also on the concept of design. Every chapter of this textbook contains tutorials which instruct users how things can be done in SOLIDWORKS step by step. Moreover, every chapter ends with hands-on test drives which allow users to experience themselves the ease-of-use and powerful capabilities of SOLIDWORKS.

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2. SOLIDWORKS Black Book Series

Amazon Description: The SolidWorks Black Book helps professionals as well as learners in creating some of the most complex solid models. The book follows a step by step methodology. In this book, we have tried to give real-world examples with real challenges in designing. We have tried to reduce the gap between university use of SolidWorks and industrial use of SolidWorks.

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3. SOLIDWORKS Learn by Doing Series

Amazon Description: Looking to learn SOLIDWORKS and become proficient in mechanical design? Look no further than “SOLIDWORKS Learn by doing”, a tutorial-based guide that covers all essential commands and options in a user-friendly format. The book’s author guides readers through starting with sketching and moving on to parametric modeling and rendering, with each command presented step-by-step through simple examples. By following this approach, readers can quickly and easily become skilled in using SOLIDWORKS.¬†

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4. SOLIDWORKS Basic Tools Series

Amazon Description: SOLIDWORKS Basic Tools introduces new users to the SOLIDWORKS interface, SOLIDWORKS tools and basic modeling techniques. It provides you with a strong understanding of SOLIDWORKS and covers the creation of parts, assemblies and drawings. Every lesson and exercise in this book was created based on real world projects. Each of these projects has been broken down and developed into easy and comprehensible steps. Furthermore, at the end of every chapter there are self test questionnaires to ensure that you have gained sufficient knowledge from each section before moving on to more advanced lessons. This book takes the approach that in order to understand SOLIDWORKS, inside and out, you should create everything from the beginning and take it step by step.

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5. SOLIDWORKS for Designers Series

Amazon Description: SOLIDWORKS for Designers is written to help the readers effectively use the modeling and assembly tools by utilizing the parametric and feature based approach of SOLIDWORKS. This book provides detailed description of the tools that are commonly used in modeling and assembly. The SOLIDWORKS for Designers book further elaborates on the procedures of generating the drawings of a model or assembly, which are used for documentation of a model or assembly. Special emphasis has been laid on the introduction of concepts, which have been explained using detailed text, along with graphical examples. The examples and tutorials used in this book ensure that the users can relate the information provided in this textbook with the practical industry designs.

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SOLIDWORKS Books Summary

SOLIDWORKS is a computer-aided design (CAD) program, and there are many books available that provide information and guidance on using the program. Some examples of books that might be relevant to SOLIDWORKS include user guides and manuals that provide detailed instructions on how to use the program and its various tools and features. There may also be books that provide more general information on using CAD programs, including SOLIDWORKS, and offer tips and best practices for designing and creating technical drawings and models. Additionally, there may be books that provide case studies or examples of how SOLIDWORKS has been used in various industries, such as engineering, architecture, or product design, to help designers understand the potential applications of the program.

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