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The introduction of 3D printers opened the realms of creative possibilities for hobbyists, architects, engineers, research scientists and other brilliant minds. However, the cost and size of the new technology made the devices unreachable for many. The up and coming Wiiboox company based in Nanjing Jiang, China, set out to solve the problem by recently introducing the Wiiboox One Mini.

The Wiiboox One Mini is a portable desktop 3D printer designed for home or office use. The device measures 22.44 x 16.93 x 23.23 inches and weighs a mere 22 pounds. The internal mechanics are sturdily constructed of an aluminum alloy and housed in an attractive clear acrylic cabinet that has four doors for easy access. You can also watch the creation process thanks to a series of color-changing LED lights that are contained within the cabinet. The printers exceptional performance, visual appeal and low price helped the unit win some of the highest ratings for 3D printers.

Innovations in Design

While evaluating 3D printers, the Illinois Institute of Technology learned that the majority of machines emit nano-sized particles into the atmosphere. The particles are introduced when the extruded filament heats and is typically deposited on a heated bed. Virtually invisible, the particles pose a potential health threat in industrial or domestic environments. However, the enclosed chamber and air particle filtration system contained within the Wiiboox printer protects against emissions of up to 0.08um. The unit also does not require a heated bed for operation. As such, there is no noticeable odor during or after the printing process. The ingenious technology also enabled the Wiiboox to pass CE, EMC, ERP, PAHs, REACH and ROHS safety tests.

Wiiboox Features and Specifications

The 3D printer has a single head extruder featuring a 0.4mm nozzle. The printer is operable using 110 or 220 AC volts. The Wiiboox One Mini creates three-dimensional objects measuring up to 7.8 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches (20 x 15 x15 centimeters). However, larger projects are possible by printing small components and assembling the finished parts.

While printing, the thickness of each layer is 0.1 to 0.5 millimeters. The print speed is an impressive 0.8 to 7 inches (20 to 180 millimeters) per second. When in operation, the printer is also extremely quiet. The Wiiboox is additionally lauded for the degree of printing accuracy, which is within 0.00025 millimeters on the Z axis and 0.011millimeters on the X and Y axes. The company proudly boasts that the 3D printer is one of the few machines capable of correctly reproducing the 265 parts needed for a five-cylinder aeronautic engine.

The Wiiboox One Mini has a user-friendly LCD screen on the front of the device that displays information in English, Chinese or Korean. The enclosed user’s manual is easy to follow and provides detailed instructions that ensures you will be printing your first project in no time. The unit also comes equipped with ReplicatorG/Cura software and uses STL/G-Code/OBJ formatting. Users can input instructions via devices having Linux, Mac or Windows operating systems. The printer also accepts Micro-USB connections and takes SD cards.

Filament Specifications

The One Mini 3D printers requires filaments measuring 1.75 millimeters in diameter. The device is compatible with both ABS and PLA filaments. Both products are available in a wide range of colors. However, PLA adds to the particle safety factor while reducing environmental harm by being produced from corn fibers.

For the price, ease of use and accuracy of the unit, the Wiiboox One Mini printer is a worthwhile investment whether a 3D printing novice or an experienced craftsman.

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  1. Due to my current employment and a personal business, I have been looking at 3D printers for a while. I happened upon the Wiiboox and decided the price was agreeable. I love the prints that this machine creates. The printer itself is attractive and very quiet. There is no odor during printing and the amount of heat produced seems minimal compared to other machines. The projects that I have created using this printer are really impressive in terms of quality. I am glad I made the decision to buy this machine.

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