Learn What to Expect on the CSWP Exam and Other Advanced SOLIDWORKS Certifications

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Preparing for the CSWP Exam and other advanced SOLIDWORKS certifications can be a daunting task, but knowing what to expect on each exam will set you up for success on the exams and your career. SOLIDWORKS offers several different levels of software certifications. These exams include the Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA), Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWP), Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert (CSWE) exams, as well as other advanced exams in specialized topics. Though all certifications are relevant, passing the CSWP confirms competence in SOLIDWORKS and acts as a valuable assessment to future employers.

All About the CSWP Exam

The CSWP is intended for professional designers, engineers, and other product development professionals to test and prove their skills. As a guideline, you should be ready for the CSWP test after six to nine months of daily hands-on use of the SOLIDWORKS software.

The CSWP exam consists of three segments: part modeling, working with configurations, and assembly modeling.

During the CSWP exam, the part modeling segment is 90 minutes, the configurations segment is 40 minutes, and the assemblies segment is 80 minutes. Once you pass all three segments, you will receive your CSWP certification. You can take all three segments at any time, in any order you want.

  1. Part Modeling Segment: During the part modeling questions, you’re required to build a model and then make changes to the model you built in subsequent questions. You’ll be asked to report mass property information in either a multiple-choice or fill-in-the-blank format. For this reason, you need to be very careful about the accuracy of your models. If you get the first of two related questions wrong, you may also get the second question wrong with the same mistake. No partial credit is given for situations of this kind.
  2. Configuration Segment: During the configuration section, you’re asked to download part files, and then create or modify configurations. Again, you’ll be asked to report mass property information in either a multiple-choice or fill-in-the-blank format. You might also be asked to change geometry or even create a design table. For this reason, it’s important that you have Microsoft Excel installed on the same computer you use to run SOLIDWORKS. Before starting this segment of the exam, make sure the design table functionality works properly.
  3. Assembly Segment: The assembly section includes part modeling, mating, in-context relations, assigning material, and reporting mass property information, such as the center of mass.

Quick tips to remember for the CSWP exam

Take segments one at a time. Although you can do the segments back to back, spacing out the segments really helps, as time management is a key component to the exam. By attacking each section of the exam fresh, there’s a better chance you won’t accidentally overlook any critical details or get test fatigue.

Pay attention to critical details. Having strong attention to detail will prevent silly mistakes and give you a stronger score on the exam.

In order to get your CSWP certification, you need a score of 75% or higher in all three sections. If you fail one particular section, you can repurchase and retake that singular section of the exam. However, there is a 14-day waiting time before you can retake a failed segment. But don’t worry, once you pass a segment, you don’t have to take it again. And, as soon as you’ve achieved a passing score on all three segments, you’ll officially be a CSWP!

Studying for the CSWP exam takes a lot of practice and preparation, but receiving your CSWP certification will open up new opportunities for your career. Here are some free resources to help you prepare to take the exam:

Additionally, check out SolidProfessor’s Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional learning path to become friendly with the structure and style of the exam, walk through sample exercises from every aspect of the test, and practice for the multiple-choice section.

Other SOLIDWORKS Certifications: The CSWE, CSWP Advanced Professional, and Specialty Exams

SOLIDWORKS offers quite a few other certifications besides the CSWP exam. There are several professional specialist exams, including the CSWE, which is the most advanced certification offered.

The CSWE exam contains 16 total questions and you need a score of 85% or better to pass. The exam has a three-hour time limit, and if you fail the exam, you must wait 180 days to retake it. In order to take the CSWE exam, it is required to successfully pass the CSWP certification, as well as four of five CSWP Advanced Professional exams.

The CSWP Advanced topic exams are offered for Sheet Metal, Weldments, Surfacing, Mold Tools, and Drawing Tools. At the time of this writing, the Advanced Topic exams are available for $20 USD, and the CSWE exam is $150 USD.

SOLIDWORKS also offers a variety of other specialty exams, including:

  1. Certified PDM Professional Administrator
  2. Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional MBD
  3. Certified Sustainable Design Associate
  4. Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate Simulation
  5. Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional Simulation.

Studying for these exams takes hard work and preparation. SolidProfessor can offer you tremendous support and practice you as you prepare for the exams. To learn more, visit SolidProfessor, become a member, and pass your exams today! 3DEngr.com readers can receive an exclusive discount of 25% off their personal SolidProfessor membership with promo code 3DENGR25. Sign up now!

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  1. unfortunately you also fail if Soldiworks crashes or you loose internet connection.
    One of my Exams the prgram crashed so I automatically failed. I had to send log files and etc. having a stable system is very important. Also try to take the exam over a quieter time of the day away from distractions.
    Make sure to let people know you are taking an exam and not be disturbed also let them know not to turn off the electricity or reset the routers etc. (yeah Happened to me. Failed my CSWP 1st part because security turned off the circuit breakers to the offices. )

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