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The MakerGear M2 is a highly rated 3D printer on Amazon, scoring an average rating of 4.9 out of 5.0 from 160 reviewers. The M2 3D printer is one of MakerGear’s most recent product releases. This printer has a steel frame coated in black powder. The z-axis allows for printing resolution from 50 to 300 microns. Adjustments to the resolution can be made in increments of ten. The build volume is 8 x 8 x 10 inches. This printer can use ABS or PLA filament printing material. The MakerGear M2 includes a USB jack to let users upload jobs directly to the printer. It does not have to be connected to a computer. The printer is compatible with most 3D printer software packages, but no software is included with the initial purchase. The anodized aluminum axis mounts and carriage ball bearing contribute to the printer precise movements. It comes with standard size stepper motors. The printer is preassembled and comes with some PLA filament. Users can immediately print objects after plugging in their printer for the first time. Several sources have reported that they have had no major issues with this printer for their first year of ownership. Most of the printer is metal, but there are some plastic parts that were 3D printed. The frame is welded and the build platform is heated aluminum. This printer has quality parts and is built very well.

The printer is good for multiple users because anyone can plug a USB and upload a job. This printer is a great value. Better 3D printers will cost a lot more than the MakerGear 3M, but there printing quality is not significantly better. The frame is of steel rigid quality and is corrosion resistant. The open frame allows for easy access to printed parts, but can cause temperature fluctuations. Bigger parts or parts with more wires are the most likely candidates for failed prints. In most cases it is not a problem. The build platform heats up to 110 degrees C, which helps stabilize models while being printed. Items printed in printers without heated platforms have been known to break free from the platform in the midst of a build. The MakerGearM2 very rarely requires adjustments. Users may need to level the platform after buying the printer, but it is unlikely that they will have to again.

In some cases the MakerGear M2 has produced objects that are of the same quality as industrial grade Stratasys printers. The cost of operating the MakerGear M2 is about one tenth that of an industrial grade printer. This printer has very respectable print speeds. MakerGear has done a fantastic job of updating this model to eliminate common malfunctions. Consumers who buy the printer today will more than likely not deal with the common issues from months before. The printer is especially user friendly when combined with the Simplify ‘Creator’ Software. The MakerGear M2 provides an out-of-the-box experience for its users.

MakerGear M2 Ratings

The MakerGear M2 is the highest rated 3D printer based on Amazon reviews. It has a rating of 4.9/5.0 from 160 reviewers in Spring 2016. Based on this high rating this should be a top 3D printer to consider for many people, both hobbyists and those that do 3d printing for more professional purposes. A 4.9/5.0 rating is remarkable for 3d printers. Though this model is more expensive than other entry level 3D printers, it may be worth spending more to achieve higher quality prints and own a better device.

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  1. I originally owned a competitive model printer that required so many replacement parts and hours of maintenance that I just gave up. Though I was skeptical, I purchased the M2. The quality of the printer was pretty obvious once I opened the box. I set up the machine, followed the instructions and loaded a file. I hit print, not having high expectations. The printer came to life and completed an appropriately finished project quickly. I have had to perform few calibrations. The printer has functioned flawlessly through dozens of prints. After providing many hours of service, the machine has also required very little maintenance. I am amazed at the reliability of the M2 and the ease of care that it needs. Now, all I have to do is adjust a temperature setting, an extrude rate or a jog speed, hit the print button, sit back and relax.

  2. This is a decent printer if you’re only using PLA. It’s not good for ABS because it lacks enclosure. I feel that any printer that claims to support ABS should not be open because the ABS prints, especially tall ones, are guaranteed to become warped as the part cools quickly when it is being printed.

  3. I think one factor to consider when reviewing a printer is to compare it by functionality along with its price.
    The Makergear M2 for its price is a super contender in the 3D printer market competing and surpassing many printers with a higher price bracket. As others said here, the quality is impressive which you can see the moment you open up the box… everything about it shouts, I am tough, strong and most of all “stable”.
    This is a brilliant printer that has a wide proficiency range. What I mean by this, is that both professionals and entry level users will love this machine, meaning it will still serve you well as you build up your proficiency without feeling like you now need / have to buy a new and better printer to accommodate your improved experience.
    As a final note, it is pretty easy to set up and get printing without having to maintain it too often, this is a huge bonus!!!!

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