Wireless Power Network Developer Kit

This is an invited guest article from TransferFi. They have a very interesting dev kit specific for IoT that allows engineers to get their hands on experimenting with and applying wireless power technology.

TransferFi Wireless Power Network


Wireless power transfer is an area of innovation that aims to untether the world from the complexity of cabling infrastructure. To unlock the possibilities of a wireless world, TransferFi has a vision to provide access to power to anyone, anywhere at any time using Radio Frequency (RF) Wireless Power Network (WPN) technology.

Why Wireless Power Technology?

Future industrial concepts such as Industrie 4.0, smart buildings and smart cities are not a reality currently as it requires large scale sensor deployments which require complex wiring infrastructure that takes very long to deploy and hurts business with expensive down time.

With the current wired sensor deployments, majority of deployment time is wasted on installation & cabling, which consists of more than 60% of the overall sensor deployment budget. That figure is increasing every year as labour costs are constantly on the rise. The inevitable cost for wiring is creating a barrier to digitisation, IoT and the dream of full autonomy.

Technology Overview

The TFi WPN is an Industrial IoT platform that provides seamless power and high-quality data integration without the need for cabling infrastructure and maintaining batteries enabling scale for true autonomy. The TFi Gateway makes use of long-range RF wireless power transfer to power up and communicate data with TFi Sense devices up to a 50-meter range providing truly wireless IoT infrastructure with minor maintenance required.


The platform provides a scalable solution which is specifically built for smart buildings, logistics, manufacturing plants where large-scale sensor deployments are necessary. The TFi platform is truly wireless and ideal with inbuilt edge computing capabilities coupled with temperature, humidity, air pressure, 3-axis vibration, sound and air quality sensors.

Development Kit

Finally, you will have the ability to get your hands on an exclusive TFi WPN developer kit specific for IoT. You can sign up to be part of the first production batch HERE.

Wireless power transfer technology has always been either too expensive or too difficult to setup something that can be practically used. The developer kit provides a first of its kind fully programmable wireless power enabled TFi Sense node, giving you access to edge computing and sensors such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, 3-axis acceleration, sound and TVOC. To learn more, you can sign up for the next webinar.

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