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The Flashforge Dreamer comes equipped with a plastic/alloy frame and its own Flashprint software that is compatible with both Slic3r and Skeinforge slicing. It comes complete with a USB cable, tool kits made specifically for the 3D printer, two spools of filament and a useful 4GB SD card. Users will find that the software for the printer is compatible on Windows XP, 7 and 8, as well as MAC OS. However, it is not compatible with Linux. The types of filaments that can be used with the system include that of PLA, PVA and ABS. Two of the best features for this machine include an easy to use HD touchscreen that measures at around 3.5 inches and built in WiFi.


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  • Rather inexpensive in comparison to other 3d printers on the market with similar features
  • Comes with two free filament spools, a white ABS and a blue PLA spool
  • The build quality of the machine is extremely durable and well made
  • Easy to use, even if this happens to be your first 3D printer
  • The touch screen is very intuitive and clear
  • Very responsive customer service


  • While each filament type, PLA, PVA and ABS, all work great, it can sometimes be a bit difficult to get the ABS filament to stick to the plate correctly, though this can be fixed with a bit of tampering or some glue
  • While the Flashprint software is generally great, some users might be annoyed by the lack of further software compatibility
  • Though the printer is relatively easy to set up, the instruction manual can be tricky to use
  • There are times when the filament will get jammed in the head of the machine, which can be frustrating, though is to be expected with any 3D printer
  • Can be noisy when in use


Overall, the Flashforge Dreamer is one of the better and more reliable 3D printers available. While there are a couple of negatives, such as limited software capabilities and higher noise-levels when the machine is in use, there are more than enough positive features that make the Dreamer a must buy for those interested in 3D printing.

8 thoughts on “FlashForge Dreamer Review”

  1. Since this is my first 3d printer I decided to shop around a bit before taking the plunge. I looked at the Da-Vinci printer first but the customer reviews, especially concerning their support process, left me wary. Flashforge had good product reviews and everyone praised their customer service so I decided to give this one a go.
    As soon as I unboxed my unit I could tell that it was solidly made and I easily had it set up and running in no time. I did have to contact customer support the first day since the Wi-Fi card in my printer was defective. I had high hopes about this company but was still blown away with the response. Within 15 minutes of sending an email I had a reply and within the hour they had given me the tracking number for my replacement part that was already shipping out. I really can’t say enough about the fantastic support these guys provide for their products. There have already been 3 firmware updates. Later I ran into a problem where my right head stopped printing and had to contact support again. The representative replied within half an hour with step by step instructions including photos and video showing how to fix the problem. They even followed up to make sure it stayed fixed.
    As for the actual product, it is well built and the print quality is superior. I have used layers form 0.3mm all the way down to 0.08mm and the end results are always flawless. The machine heats up in a couple of minutes and changing filaments is simple. I have nothing bad to say about this product or company. I would recommend these guys to anybody looking for a solid product with stellar support.

  2. Mine arrived today and 30 minutes later it was ready to print. The entire setup involved installing the software and leveling the bed. Once those two things were taken care of I was able to run my first abs test print. The quality was way above what I expected. The demo finished flawlessly.
    This printer is very solidly built. There is no vibration in the print bed and everything heats up nice and fast. The ease of setup and use make hard not to love this little machine.
    The only two things you should note before buying one are the fact that full sized 2kg filament spools are too large to fit inside the housing and that the unit only works with the included print software. While neither one of these are even really faults they are things that you might want to know before buying.
    Overall this is a fantastic printer. It is well made and easy to use. The quality blew me away coming from a Soliddoodle 4.

  3. I decided to go with Flashforge after reading all the great feedback about both the products and the company itself. This particular model had several design features I liked as well, namely enclosed design, Wi-Fi, and touchscreen. I was not disappointed when the printer arrived. It took no time to setup and the demo print came out perfect. I have run into a few issues. This is to be expected when getting into 3d printing. When problems arise is when this company really steps up. The support staff was amazingly helpful. They were friendly and answered every noob question I asked. When one of my extruders jammed they sent me a video showing exactly how to clear the specific kind of jam I was experiencing rather than generic cleaning instructions. Both this great machine and the fantastic company behind it have made my first foray into 3d printing an enjoyable one. I really can’t recommend these guys enough.

  4. This printer is top notch. The software that comes included leaves something to be desired if you have been 3d printing for a while. It doesn’t let you adjust any of the settings that others like Makerbot do. The good news is that 3rd party software is compatible with this unit so picking up a copy of Simplify 3d fixed the only problem I had. The print quality is equal to if not better than the current generation of Makerbots and the enclosed design is better for beginners. I would recommend picking up some PTFE grease since it does require some minimal servicing every 200 hours or so. This really just boils down to greasing the Z rod and only takes a couple of seconds. I would recommend this product for beginners as it is easy to set up and use, but seasoned pros will enjoy the superb quality and easy servicing. On top of all this the price is half what many comparable units go for.

  5. For the price you can’t do better. I work in the industry and have been using 3d printers for years. For 1300 dollars you are not going to find anything else near this quality.
    The construction quality is great and it took less than half an hour to setup and start printing. This is the closest thing to plug and play on the market today. The output quality is better than many of the more expensive units I have used. The only addition I would make is to get a glue stick to help the foundation layers adhere to the base during printing. I just ordered some dissolvable filament and can’t wait to give it a try.

  6. I just got my FlashForge Dreamer 3D printer yesterday. To say the least I’m blown away by the quality of this printer. I started printing with a Micro3D printer. Very much a starter machine, and unfortunately full of errors, bad prints and frustration. But a great learning tool for those who have never dabbled in 3D worlds before. When I decided it was time for a move up, I felt drawn by FlashForge’s products. Their Creator Pro model is similarly priced, and may have a few plusses, but still being new to 3D, and not interested in all the tasks of using a higher end printer, the Dreamer seemed like the right choice. After using it for the past day, I’d say I chose perfectly. I would recommend this printer to all levels of 3D printer expertise. It’s easy out of the box (some assembly required, but not much) and with only a little knowledge your first print will be perfect. Mine wasn’t, but I didn’t follow advice and printed without tape or glue on the glass bed I purchased as an accessory. Second attempt was flawless. Third was too, forth, fifth, etc etc. What amazes me is this printer can go up to very high expectations with software like Simplify3D, adding all types of tweaks and features to your 3D models making it as capable as any other 3D printer on the market. And from what I see, I’m producing prints as good as 3D printers more than twice the price.

  7. Love mine – would advise beginners to start with a quality PLA filament such as RigidInk and perhaps clear ‘carpet’ tape on the print bed to eliminate my worst frustration I had with mine – getting prints to stick to the bed – am now experimenting with dual printing with ‘Flexsmart’ (works if you print really slowly) in one of the print head so I can print drone frames with flexible mounting points built in and shock absorbing landing legs, Nice machine 🙂

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