Sindoh DP200 3DWOX 3D Printer Review

Sindoh DP200 3DWOX 3D Printer

Sindoh 3D Printer Review (DP200 3DWOX)

With Sindoh’s new lower-budget DP201 3DWOX 3D Printer releasing in 2017, we absolutely needed to cover it’s big brother, the DP200 3DWOX first. While both models are focused on user safety and thermal consistency, the upcoming Sindoh DP201 model only supports PLA filaments (compared to the DP200’s ABS and PLA compatibility). The soon-to-be-released DP201 also trades away the rigidity of the DP200’s heated aluminum bed for a more flexible bed design for easy print removal.

While the DP201 looks to hold its own on a slightly lower budget, the Sindoh DP200 3DWOX is perhaps the option for those seeking greater flexibility. With their DP200 3D printer, Sindoh aims to provide a consistency and ease of use. Beyond user safety, the enclosed design ensures less noise and more consistent print temperatures. Other built-in conveniences include auto-loading filament cartridges, assisted bed leveling, various connectivity options, touch screen control and remote print monitoring.

Sindoh DP200 3D Printer Overview

The DP200 3DWOX aims to strike the balance between usability and customization. Founded in 1960, Sindoh has taken its experience designing traditional 2D printers and applied it to their first line of 3D printers. As such, the DP200 eliminates many well-known 3D printer pain points without sacrificing that premium feel.

Overall, Sindoh has smartly chosen to put their first 3D printing efforts toward making the process less intimidating for newcomers. Included with the DP200 is Sindoh’s 3DWOX Desktop, whic offers an “Effortless 3D Printing Experience.” Sinoh has even gone so far as to include an “easy mode” for brand new users in an attempt to make the 3D printing experience more closely match familiar paper printing.

Manufacturer Specs

Print TechnologyFFF (Single Nozzle)
Building Size8.3″ x 7.9″ x 7.7″ (210 x 200 x 195 mm)
Layer Thickness0.05 ~ 0.4 mm
Weight44.8 pounds
Printing MaterialPLA, ABS (White, Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Gray)
Heated Bed
ConnectivityUSB Flash Drive, USB, WiFi, Ethernet
User Interface5” color touch screen
Nozzle Diameter0.4mm
Printer Machine Size16.6″ x 16.9″ x 17.3″ (421 x 433 x 439 mm)

Sindoh DP200 3DWOX Filament CartridgeSindoh DP200 3DWOX and SolidWorks

The 3DWOX is a SolidWorks Certified Partner product. SolidWorks users are provided an add-in feature to install allowing direct printing to the 3DWOX without the need to create a compatible g-code file. This also allows for web monitoring of your prints, as well as the amount of filament left in your Sindoh DP200 filament cartridge. This is yet another example of Sindoh’s efforts to ensure ease of use, in addition to previously mentioned built-in functionality.

3DWOX Support & Service

The DP200 meets CE and UL specifications, and comes with slightly different warranties for printers based on your geographic location. In the US, the DP200 3DWOX itself is covered under warranty for up to one year from purchase date, while the nozzle and bed parts are covered for 90 days. Outside of the US, users may exercise the same warranty guarantees, but Sindoh does not cover shipping fees. Note that Sindoh requires you to register your DP200 on their website for warranty, and only supports units purchased through an authorized seller on Amazon US.

Users on Amazon have reported responses to warranty claims in as little as an hour. One buyer even shared their experience that when their newly-purchased DP200 3DWOX arrived with a broken part, they were quickly sent not only a replacement part, but the g-code to print their own replacement in the meantime. So long as you register on Sindoh’s site and purchased through an authorized Amazon US seller, there seems to be no need to worry with regards to exercising your warranty.

User Reviews for the Sindoh DP200 3DWOX

At the time of writing, reviews for the Sindoh DP200 are overwhelmingly positive. With just under 70 reviews on Amazon, the DP200 sits at an impressive 4.8 out of 5.0 stars. Among the glowing reviews you’ll find headlines calling the machine “the most reliable, easy to use and affordable filament printer on the market,” “an unbelievable 3-D printing experience” and “a 3D printer that is as easy to use as a microwave,” and more.

The overall takeaway from the Sindoh DP200’s Amazon user reviews seems to be that the DP200 3DWOX is a bit of an underrated 3D printer, at least when it comes to reliable, easy-to-use printers. Sindoh has received a relatively consistent (albeit surprisingly slow) trickle of excellent reviews since the launch of their 3D printer, with an incredible 93% awarding a full 5.0 out of 5.0 stars. In fact, the single review below 4.0 stars came from an understandably upset customer who received a damaged unit intended as a gift. To their credit, Sindoh publicly commented on the negative review, taking full responsibility.

Among the few concerns mentioned in user reviews – beyond the previously mentioned occasional units arriving damaged – is the availability of filament and cartridges. One buyer expressed frustration with difficulties finding Sindoh branded filament and the cartridges made to fit the DP200. Sindoh responded that demand was higher than anticipated, and they are working on better anticipating needs. However, it should be mentioned that the cartridges can be refilled without necessarily requiring Sindoh’s specifically branded filaments (ensure you use the correct type of plastic – your mileage may vary). One user also mentioned that they found bugs in the Mac version of Sindoh’s slicer app, to which the company also replied.

In general, it seems like Sindoh is making a real effort to ensure their customers – particularly those who are new to 3D printing and could otherwise find the process daunting – have the smoothest experience they can offer. It will be interesting to see how they further these efforts with the upcoming Sindoh DP201 3DWOX and other future printers.

Sindoh 3D Printer Video

Here is a great in-depth video unboxing the Sindoh DP200 3DWOX 3D Printer.

Your review of the Sindoh 3D Printer

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This Sindoh DP200 3DWOX 3d printer review relies heavily on specifications from the company and data from over 100 purchasers or reviewers on Amazon. It’s currently rated 4.8 out of 5.0 stars at the time of this post. Be sure to check the latest reviews and current Sindoh DP200 3DWOX price on Amazon for the latest information to determine if this 3d printer is the right 3d printing solution for you. It’s certainly one of the higher rated 3d printers we’ve covered.

Sindoh DP200 3DWOX 3D Printer Overhead View

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  2. Great printer and easy to use. Had set up in under 15 minutes. Would definitely recommend for individuals interested in getting into 3d Printing. Have had no problems with getting replacement filaments.

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