CSWP Overview

The CSWP is designed to show a users “ability to design and analyze parametric parts and movable assemblies using a variety of complex features”. The context of the exam is limited to Solidworks software and a users ability to navigate the program for drafting and design tasks. Certification can be used to leverage a promotion or raise, boost a resume, or measure the results of ongoing training.

This book is intended to serve as a guide when studying for the Certified Solidworks Professional Exam (CSWP). It is assumed that the reader will have basic knowledge of the software, including how to open or create new files, add new sketches and basic features, access or find tools. This guide will point out exam structure, common mistakes, and tips while highlighting critical areas. A focus is placed on proper setup and modeling approach to ensure accurate results and the ability to easily edit parts and troubleshoot problem areas. For the basics of some topics the review will occasionally refer to other resources including the standard tutorials included with Solidworks. If for some reason a reader does not have the referenced tutorials they are available from the Solidworks training website (http://www.solidworks.com/sw/support/807_ENU_HTML.htm).

The exam is structured in three distinct sections. Each section has a time limit that varies between 40 minutes and 90 minutes and costs $30. Sections can be taken and passed separately and retakes can also be done in a segmented fashion. Full certification is only granted after a passing grade of 75% is reached on each of the three sections.

Once a user completes the exam a certificate and completion package is available for download at the online testing center. The package contains an exam certification and a variety of logos for use on business cards, resumes, or websites. Carrying the CSWP logo shows an advanced competency in the software. There are over 10,000 Certified Solidworks Professionals worldwide, and although this is a large number it correlates to about 1% of the total seats of Solidworks that have been sold (Over 1 Million). A complete listing of CSWP’s can be found at the online directory (https://www.virtualtester.com/solidworks/user.php). In addition to the official listing CSWP’s are free to join in professional groups, including the CSWP group on LinkedIn.com, and events, such as the CSWP Special Event hosted every year at Solidworks World.

In addition to the CSWP Core exam Solidworks offers a selection of advanced certification exams; Sheet Metal, Weldments, Mold Tools, Sufracing, FEA and Expert. Although the CSWP is only a prerequisite for one of the advanced exams (CSWE-Expert) it is suggested as the starting point for all. Users who are not yet ready for the CSWP are also offered the CSWA-Associate which is intended for new users and students. Exact details for all of the certification advanced exams can be found at the http://www.solidworks.com/cswp.

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