I recently had the chance to experience an interesting piece of art by a renowned artist. That work now is gone, it lasted less than a fortnight. It was unsigned, untitled, and even the artist it is credited to is unknown except by a nickname.

Banksy” added the primary piece of vandalism in this image. The commentary was a different vandal and it appears the colorful flowers and green were yet another. It is hard to tell exactly who created what, as again there are no signatures and the work has already been painted over. It first appeared a few days before the Oscars (Feb 27 2011) and less than two weeks later I saw the wall again, back to the same bland green back wall of an Urban Outfitters in Westwood village it has always been. Below is a screen grab from Google Street View.

Supposedly “Banksy” was in town for the Oscars. His film was nominated in the Documentary category and while here he managed to tag a number of places with his traditional stencil style graffiti. I find it interesting that such a simple concept can launch an artist to a point where he can sell some works for hundreds of thousands while others are eliminated in a few days by maintenance workers.

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