CSWP Beginning Prep

solidworks yacht course

A. Beginning Prep

A-1. Built in Tutorials

One of the most useful tools in learning Solidworks are the built in tutorials. These can be accessed through the “Help” Menu. If the files are were not included on the initial install of the software they can be downloaded from the Solidworks website (http://www.solidworks.com/sw/support/training-learning-resources-materials.htm). Each of these 29 tutorials covers a different aspect of the software. For the purposes of the CSWP a user should be familiar with all of the “Getting Started”, “Building Models” and “Working with Models”. Advanced tutorials such as “Weldments” and “Routings” go beyond the scope of the CSWP Core but will be useful none the less for professionals looking to understand the various ways a model can be created.

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