CSWP Event at Solidworks 2012

Most often people are viewing 3DEngr to visit one of the CSWP test pages. If you happen to have passed the CSWP and have some designs to submit you may be able to win some prizes in the coming weeks.

Registration for Solidworks World, on Feb 10th, includes a test voucher to take one of the certification tests. Tests include the Certified Solidwoks Associate(CSWA), Certified Solidworks Professional (CSWP), and for advanced users the Certified Solidworks Expert (CSWE). If you are studying, good luck and leave a note if you pass.

If you want the chance to win free stuff you can submit designs to the CSWP Event competition. All that is requested is: “A rendered image of a product designed in SolidWorks and rendered in PhotoView 360”

CSWP Raffle

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