3d Printing Image Collages

Applications for rapid prototyping are becoming more prevalent in the news. So much so that “prototyping” is not nearly the right word for 3d Printing. Increasingly components, products, and even works of art are being created by machines that used to be something out of science fiction. Recently an article caught my eye that highlights the use of 3d printing by the Smithsonian Museum. It will be very interesting to see what other applications there may be for this technology. 
One of the best ways I’ve found to get a quick summary of a subject is to peruse the google image search results for related key words. Below is a quick curation of some of those results for key words related to 3d printing.
The first is a compilation of 3d Printing image search results
For some reason “3d Printing Statistics” turns up a nice collection of different items. (below)

The ultimate dream would be to build highly sophisticated devices. Results for “3d Printing Car” mainly just brings early stage prototype results.(below)

To create complete products development is still required in some areas such as “3d Printing Battery”.(below)
Electronic devices will also be helped by developments in “3d Printing Circuit” (s).(below)
Mainstream media and pop culture has already begun to see the works of “3d Printing Fashion” (below)

Across the web there are countless folks with reason to pop up in “3d printing blog” results (below) 

In the near future it’s conceviable that “3d Printing Consumer Products” will be covered with devices and products from every range of industry.

And my personal favorite potential application “3d Printing Food” . Cooking and baking are sometimes compared to chemistry so who knows maybe someday a Michelin star chef will just be 3d Printer.

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