CSWP Drawing Sample Exam Question 5

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This article is a guest post by Jim Lucas 

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So- in this question, you are asked to sort the BOM by Part #. If you are a cheater (like me) this question may cause you some consternation. You may not know how part #s are sorted (especially when they add those dashes in). This makes the manual method very difficult.

On this- go ahead and do it the right way… right click on the table (I usually click in the blue border) and hit “Sort”. Hopefully you can figure it out from there.

Right click on the table to bring up the selection menu


Choose Sort from the selection


Voila – A quick solve to question 5


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Jim is a CSWP and on the road to getting his CSWE.  He works for HawkRidge Systems, an authorized reseller of SolidWorks. Jim also runs i-elf, a product development consulting company.  He can be reached at Jim.Lucas@i-elf.com.

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