Become A Certified Solidworks Expert

Become a Certified SOLIDWORKS expert. Get help with online training available now.

Many Solidworks users find this site while studying to become a Certified Solidworks Associate or Certified Solidworks Professional. For a small percentage of people who are true masters of the software the good people at Solidworks have added technical tests as well as the ultimate test, the CSWE (Certified Solidworks Expert) exam.

Jim Lucas, has chronicled his process of taking the CSWE in the hopes of helping others.

Pass the CSWP (Certified Solidworks Professional)

Why Take the CSWE?

How To Pass the CSWE

Top Ten Speed Moves to Fly Through The CSWE Exam

CSWP Advanced Exams – CSWP Mold Tools

CSWP Drawings – Intro and Sample Exam

Jim is a CSWP and on the road to getting his CSWE.  He works for HawkRidge Systems, an authorized reseller of SolidWorks. Jim also runs i-elf, a product development consulting company.  He can be reached at Jim.Lucas@i-elf.com.


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