CSWP: Weldments

Get a free membership and access SOLIDWORKS tutorials & online training today. Recently the team at Solidworks rolled out another certification test. It popped up on their main blog and the personal site of one of the guys on the certification team, Mike Puckett. This new test covers the weldments features. This looks exciting and

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CSWP: Mold Tools

Just looking at what is next on the list to study for. I’ve got a few side projects I plan to work on but there are lingering vouchers for the Mold Tools and Surfacing tests and figured I may as well study for them with what time I do have. Having worked for an injection

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Flatten- CSWP Sheet Metal

Whoa, it’s the last feature of Sheet Metal. Things here are pretty basic, select the feature in the tree or unsuppress it to get the flat pattern of the part. All of the flatten feature options are spelled out nicely in the Help Files, although none of them should effect the results for the exam.

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Jog- CSWP Sheet Metal

The jog feature in sheet metal is yet another tool that simplifies design features. Many times a 2 bend step is required for mounting, to avoid other features, or create a simple wall and using the jog feature combines them into one item. A few of the benefits of jog.In the feature manager there is

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