Hem- CSWP Sheet Metal

Ever cut yourself on the sharp metal edge of something? It’s annoying and can hurt really bad, luckily there is a feature that can be designed into your components to alleviate this problem. The Hem feature is an easy way to design out dangerous edges while also giving the vulnerable edge some much needed sturdiness. […]

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K-Factor- CSWP Sheet Metal

No, Solidworks is not testing your ability to pitch a softball. The K-Factor for sheet metal is a variable used to define the neutral axis of bent material. A bend creates two types of stress on a material. Compression on the inside of the curve (creating a shorter inside distance) and tension on the outside

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Closed Corner- CSWP Sheet Metal

After establishing the basic functions of sheet metal modeling (flanges) it’s time to start putting some more detail into our models. The first place to look is going to be the “Corner” features. When the sheet metal toolbar is present this icon actually represents 3 options: Closed Corner: Saying this feature is “more detailed” is

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