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1FlashForge Creator Pro4.864.864.864.864.86Read Reviews
2Dremel Idea Builder4.784.784.784.784.78Read Reviews
3Leapfrog Creatr55555Read Reviews


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6 User Reviews

  1. Nice job on the blog website from the Show
    Steve Andrepont

  2. Posted by Akrum Idrees

    Very Interesting Blog, good job man… keep it up

  3. Very useful and thoroughly written information on CSWP. Thank you!

  4. Very good blog, in which order did you make the first part of the CSWP did you do the two cylindrical uprights first and then the middle section or another way?

  5. To the last poster, the design went first for the standing cylinders, the to the bridge in the middle. The are other options that work out just as well, and depending on the format of the dimensioning it may be right to approach it a different way. Thanks for reading!

  6. Hey Boxer!

    Check out this SolidWorks 3D Tooling Library – It helps engineers design better/faster for the manufacturing process, all of the features are in-house tooling so you don’t have to waste time/money to get tooling made!



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