Setting the Origin in Solidworks: Correct a mistake on the CSWP

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So one of the keys to the CSWP test is how the part is modeled about the origin. Because the center of mass is given in relation to this point it is clear that an incorrectly oriented part will result in a wrong answer. The first key to checking this is to view the origin. If it’s not already visible all part origins can be turned on through View>Origins.

Let’s say for example you build question 1 and get the mass of the part. This doesn’t need the origin to be exact (although getting the material right is important) so it’s no big deal. Then question 2 pops up and OH NO! you’ve modeled this part from the wrong origin and it asks for the Center of Mass. Luckily you’ve doubled checked so the answer won’t be wrong, but it took 20 minutes to build and there is remodeling the part will eat up too much time. No problem, try this.

First, add a coordinate system.
(Insert>Reference Geometry>Coordinate System)

The property manager will pop up and now just select the Origin, X, Y, and Z axis that corresponds to the correct origin.Next you need the Center of Mass. Click the Mass Properties button or (Tools>Mass Properties). At the top of the window there is a drop down box for “Output Coordinate System”. Click it and select your new coordinate system and watch the results change. Below you can see the changes from my “Default” coordinate system which is placed around the part origin, and the “Oops new ‘Origin'” coordinate system.

It takes all of 30 seconds to place a new origin saving you plenty of time for the rest of the test.

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  1. Is it possible also to use this method as a means of stating origins for parts in assembly systems.
    This tutorial is the closest to origin alteration I have found with out remodelling.
    Question i have if any one knows can one reset origins of parts when updating assemblies. )i.e same part but change the origins to update in the assembly file. like here with this coodinat tool but inassembly fle not a part file.

    Thank you very much for this post it has been a tremendous help

  2. how can you move the origin i don`t nmeed the center of mass mainly i need to chnge the origin because in when i import in other cam program it puts the axis on the origin….

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