Seems like a good enough title for a place to post some models.

This is the sheet metal part created by following the built-in Solidworks tutorial. The file was saved as a .3dxml file and uploaded to 3DVia so that it could be embedded here. You’ll need the plug in to view everything properly.

The staple remover found in “Practice with Solidworks: Modeling random items

Below are a few items created while researching 3dVia Shape. 3dVia is also the plugin required to view these.

A quick and attempt at an iPhone

A Pencil

A generic pressure vessel

My office desk with computer tower (and more to come)

A quick concept of a deck chair. The designed was inspired by a similar design at a yoga studio I frequent. The one at the studio is comfortable by has no back (more of a stool) and every time I sit in it I want to lie down but can not. This one would be perfect for lounging.

These models are just a sampling, many more are locked away for IP reasons. If you have something you would like to see though let me know in the comments as I am always looking for a fun project or problem to work through.

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