SOLIDWORKS Skills Analyzer for Engineers, Designers & Teams

Curious how your SOLIDWORKS skills stack up as an engineer or designer & where you or your team can improve?

Wondering where your team’s skills gaps are in terms of SOLIDWORKS, CAD design and other important design topics?

SolidProfessor’s Skills Analyzer offers a solution to individuals and teams that are looking to identify areas of proficiency as well as areas which could be improved.

For individuals: The Skills Analyzer allows you to test your own SOLIDWORKS skills to discover where you are proficient and where you have room for improvement.

For teams: The Skills Analyzer allows teams to uncover skills gaps and identify places where the team collectively excels.

With this tool, individuals and teams can quantify where their strengths and weaknesses lay when it comes to SOLIDWORKS skills. You are able to take the results and use them as KPIs to track improvement. Once you or your team feel there has been improvement, come back and take the test again to see where you’re at.


Getting started with the SOLIDWORKS Skills Analyzer from SolidProfessor:

  1. Choose a topic for yourself or your team.
  2. Take the test and receive your results.
  3. Improve skills and repeat this process.

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