Solidworks Certification Training: Table of Contents

Below is a table of content for CSWP Core Exam review. Some sections have been posted here, the full compilation will be available as an ebook shortly.

B. Section 1 of the CSWP

    B-1. Interpreting the Drawing
    B-2. Sketching
    B-3. Boss and Cuts and End Conditions
    B-4. Draft, Fillet, Chamfer
    B-5. Pattern and Mirror
    B-6. Hole Wizard
    B-7. Dimensioning and Linked Dimensions
    B-8. Equation
    B-9. Updating Values and Equations
    B-10. Setting Materials
    B-11. Measuring a Mass
    B-12. Check answers AS YOU GO.

C. Section II of the CSWP

    C-1. Accessing Configurations, Create, Copy
    C-2. Suppressing Features
    C-3. Changing Configuration Values

D. Section III of the CSWP
    D-1. Creating an assembly
    D-2. Adding Components to an assembly
    D-3. Sub Assemblies – Flexible
    D-4. Adding mates to an assembly component
        D-4i. Basic Mates
        D-4ii. Advanced Mates
        D-4iii. Float/Fix
    D-5. Creating a custom Coordinate System for Center of mass

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