Solid Edge Synchronous Technology

Transitioning to and learning a new software system is intimidating, so when I was asked to compare my experience with Solidworks to Solid Edge ST5 I was expecting a steep learning curve. In the past 7 years I have been exposed to Solidworks in a variety of capacities; as a university student, new employee, administrator, and a hobbyist writing tutorials and articles. Add it all up and it’s a lot of hours spent learning a system, thankfully the CADDigest guys, who sponsored the review, knew this and in order to get a more in depth comparison we organized a training session with three Siemens employees. Solid Edge and Solidworks offer many very similar features. This should come as no surprise given that they are built on the same kernel and have been competing head to head for a number of years. With a few days training and some poking around I quickly became comfortable working in a new system.

After the training session I was left with a few months on the demo license. I spent some time reviewing the program more in depth. The first in a five part series of http://vimeo.com/57889922 is posted at CADdigest.com. More in depth detail is covered here in a series of posts.

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