3DSystems Cube 3 Review


3DSystems invented 3D printing technology in 1989 and remain one of the leading manufacturers of the technology. The company offers a wide range of products, from industrial grade to consumer grade, in all price ranges. They have 3D printers for large and small manufacturing, home enthusiasts, and specialty printers for the medical field. 3DSystems Cube 3 is one of their most recent 3D printer models for the common consumer. The company has demonstrated this product to the public in one of their established marketing campaigns. The Cube 3 has a build area of 152 square millimeters and can print at speeds of 100 millimeters per second. This printer is compatible with PLA and ABS materials. One cartridge is included in the box at initial purchase. The Cube 3 is an impressive 3D printer that is versatile and interesting to watch while printing.


The Cube 3 prints parts at a higher quality than many other desktop 3D printers. The build area and print speeds are also very respectable compared to other printers. This printer is ready to use almost immediately upon opening the box. All that is required is to insert the cartridges, plug in the power cable, and install the software. A feature that separates the Cube 3 from many other desktop 3D printers is the placement of the extruder. The extruder is actually apart of the filament cartridge and not the printer itself. With every new filament cartridge users get a new extruder. This feature is especially important because the all extruders are prone to clogging and other forms of malfunctioning. There are 23 different filament colors to choose from in both PLA and ABS materials. Users can access the Cube 3 wirelessly allowing them to start prints from mobile devices and off-site computers. The Cube 3 includes a virtual shelf, which makes if perfect for multiple users; different users can store their designs for private access only. The touch-screen display is in full color. It makes this product extremely user-friendly and safe. The printer is currently used by people as young as 8 years old. The printer is likely to end up in many schools and will contribute to the students’ educational experience. The Cube 3 is capable of amazing detail. It can print at a resolution of 70 microns. Its dual head feature allows for printing with two different colors at the same time. Users can even print with 2 different materials. The Cube 3 only takes up about 12 square inches of space making it ideal for any size home or classroom. Individuals who purchase this printer get access to 3DSystems’ amazing team. All you question can be answered with a quick phone call or email to the technical support team. There is a wealth of information on 3DSystems website. Interested parties can gain a great understanding of the company and their products simply by browsing the website.


The price of the Cube 3 is higher than many equivalent products. Several of the comparable 3D printers have bigger print areas and faster print speeds. In addition, the proprietary cartridges are more rather expensive. In some cases these cartridges are twice the cost of generic filament rolls. The Cube 3 uses a proprietary file format (.cube) which can create complications; any files obtain directly from 3DSystems cannot be used in other 3D printers. The Cube 3 is a strong choice for a 3D printing enthusiast, but it is important to consider the pros and cons to ensure consumers chose a printer best suited for their needs.

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