iPhone 3D Scanner on Kickstarter

A lot of the recent posts here deal with 3D printing but that is only half of the new industrial revolution. The other half is creating models for printing. What if creating a cool model was as easy as taking a picture with an iPhone? That is the goal of a new Kickstarter campaign Moedls.

The system is relatively straight forward and most of the funds are going to physically producing the compoents, including lasers and mounting hardware. Programming of the app is already done, though there are certainly still tweaks and improvements to be made. A working prototype was on display last weekend at Engadgets Expand in San Francisco and it was working just as described in the video.
On the first day of the campaign Moedls raised more than 10% of it’s goal (Full Disclosure: I’m a backer, if it is even necessary to say that). That’s good news considering that 81% of campaigns that reach 20% funding are eventually successfully funded. 
Moedls: Mobile 3D scanning for everyone! -- Kicktraq Mini

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