3D Printing and 3D Scanning At Engadget Expand

I have attended lots of conferences before, for the Manufacturing, Toy, and CAD industries but never a pure tech conference. This weekend Engadget is putting on their first ever “Engadget Expand” that I was lucky enough to grab a pass to. The San Francisco setting allows the trip will be parlayed into a quick excursion to Napa so we’ll only be there for the morning but it kicks off nicely with two of my favorite current topics Kickstarter and 3D Printing.

There are tons of other speakers as well as a competition supporting unique new ideas that need some funding – the “Insert Coin” competition. My vote went to Moedls, a cool handheld 3D scanning app. Here’s a video of their project, great use of technology. Hope to get a chance to see this in person and maybe even demo it.

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