iPad App Flipboard and 3DEngr

When my computer crashed a few months ago it took me three weeks to replace. Not because of the lead time on a new machine, but instead because I was not sure I needed a desktop or laptop for personal use considering how much I use a tablet and phone. In the end the handful of tasks for which I use a laptop made me get a new one but I realized how my actions have changed based on smart devices and a tablet.
One of the primary things I use the iPad for is consuming news. I have no newspaper subscriptions but enjoy keeping up to date on daily happenings and for me the “Killer App” is Flipboard. The user interface and ease of use make Flipboard the easiest way to consume publications. And the great part about it is that anything with an RSS feed can be read on it, which means 3DEngr is on Flipboard.

Above is what 3DEngr looks like on an iPad when using Flipboard. Notice the layout of the title and image, both of which are a part of the RSS feed but I did not have to do anything to optimize the layout. Therein lies the App’s power, to create a great interface automatically for any RSS feed.

To get 3DEngr on Flipboard just click the +Add button in the top left and type in 3DEngr:

If you are one of the subscribers to this blog and you happen to see this in Flipboard please leave a message and let me know what other killer apps you prefer.


  1. Matt,
    For some publications, that just post the first few lines, it definitely is not the best but I find that the specific topics it curates are great. Instead of browsing a variety of things and chasing down links Flipboard collects them for me.

    As for 3Dengr, the complete articles are published in RSS so you can get the complete experience all within the app.

    Going to native apps though, that’s potentially a lot of apps to click through, isn’t it?

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