Fun CAD Engineering Design Challenges

Looking for fun ways to practice your CAD skills for your students or your team?


SolidProfessor has created 3 exciting, real-world CAD design challenges for students to prepare for a career in engineering or for a practicing engineer looking to take on a fun CAD challenge. This free resource from SolidProfessor is a walk through of why real-world CAD projects are important, how to implement these projects into your classroom and how to customize these projects based upon the students’ CAD proficiency level.

In these Engineering Design Challenges, SolidProfessor breaks down each of the challenges into the following steps:

  • Situation, explaining the real-world context of the challenge
  • Parameters in which the challenge must abide by
  • Discovery, to research ways to solve this challenge
  • Application, the actual designing of the solution
  • Communication, pitching the designs


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