UP! Plus 2 Review


Ease of Use

UP! Plus 2 might be the first 3D printer ever created that literally anyone could use. The technology has never been presented in such a simplified and streamlined fashion. UP! Plus 2 will start printing almost instantly out of the box. It is truly a welcome development for all kinds of design and production needs. Miniature manufacturing becomes accessible to audiences everywhere, and it is all thanks to an amazingly accessible interface.


With just 11 pounds, this little machine showcases a surprisingly compact system for rendering and reconstruction. Consumers should note that this model is much smaller than most 3D printing competitors. This is an advantage for people that need access to the machinery in smaller interior areas. Residential abodes can easily fit one of these installations, and this means that kids will have quick access to the stunning gadgetry.

Meanwhile, the maximum size of 5.3 x 5.5 x 5.5 for printed objects is impressive for an introductory 3D printer. A universal 1.75 mm cartridge is used to make switching between filaments an easy task. The manufacturer’s own filament is typically mandated, but this can be pricy at $55 a pop. As a second option, buyers can opt for generic replacements that cost much less. Unfortunately, the use of alternatives is slightly questionable when compared to the name brand. While simultaneous output involving multiple colors is not possible, this system is capable of PLA and ABS printing methods.


The time required per print could be faster, but it is not really worth complaining about. Most creations made by this machine are completed within 3 or 4 hours. This is a stunning pace considering how new the technology is for modern society, but it is not the speediest unit available. Families will appreciate the sturdiness and reliability, yet professional businesses may want to amp up the zoom factor. Currently, 30mm per second is the most rapid rate this model can reach, but newcomers to the 3D printing market won’t notice the difference in any substantial way.


The only minor disappointment with this 3D printer lies in its inability to connect via wireless signals. SD cards are not compatible, and USB is the only form of input recognized by the software. This will surely annoy users looking for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth; however, old-school designers won’t mind the lack of options one bit. The security of USB hardware ensures that no glitches can arise during the transmission of an important print job.

Cost & Warranty

This system provides most of the perks that a larger model can bring, but it does so at a relatively inexpensive price. When compared to most of its marketplace rivals, the UP! Plus 2 cannot be beat in terms of combing quality with affordability. The 1-year coverage is a great deal with the UP! Plus 2; these products are bolstered by a trustworthy support plan that covers every possible issue.

Final Judgment

Ultimately, this device receives a highly respectable 4 out of 5 stars. The general public can revel in the mainstream accessibility of 3D printing technology, but aficionados of the hardware may want a bigger gadget. For projects ranging from small to medium, this is the top pick. Households with children will find immense joy in bringing their digital creations to life. Those on the development side will be wowed by its efficiently portable demeanor. Overall, everyone can find something to marvel over in the UP! Plus 2.

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