New 3D Printing Videos

Below you can find new 3D printing videos. These are the most recent additions to the site and cover a wide variety of different 3D printer related topics.

A woman in San Francisco works on creating 3D printing records. She works with an Objet printer and software that converts digital music into physical grooves.

A man presents an incredible object that was printed with an Objet 3D printer. It is an intricate design with lots of moving parts, and it is quite impressive that something as complex as this contraption was printed as a single object with no additional assembly.

Lisa Harouni gives a TED talk showcases the amazing technology of three dimensional printing. She explores the mechanics of how the printers work, why they can create things that have never been created before, and what this means for the world.

This video showcases a variety of 3D printed objects. Complex objects printed in a single piece, an iPhone case, and an apple peeler are among some of the items in the video.

This is perhaps the neatest of all of our 3D printing videos. It uses animation to explore how the world will drastically change with advanced 3D printing technology. Printing on the molecular level could change the world in the most significant of ways.

Watch an iPhone case being printed and view the end result: a beautiful and creative case with lots of intricate moving parts.

A man plays what may be the first 3D printed violin in the world. He gives analysis on the sound and shows a bit of his musical skill.