CSWP Prep: Look Over the Entire Test

A-7. Look over the entire test

For anyone who has ever taken a test prep course, or taken other exams this tip is probably nothing new. Look through the test and check to see what specific values change. Recently the CSWP exam has added a balloon feature to drawings to show what values have changed or will change in future questions. If possible placing these features near the end of the feature tree will eliminate a few potential rebuild errors. Going through the ENTIRE test will also present a final screen that shows the full list of questions and their point value. A passing grade is 75% and although no single question is worth 25% the weighting of questions does vary, if time is a concern answering some questions may not be as critical. This is only for extreme cases, typically question that are worth less are also quicker and easier to answer as they are based on only a few minor changes to other more critical questions.

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