3D Printing On The Moon

One of the problems NASA is facing in its plans for space exploration concerns building habitats on other worlds for its astronauts. The expense of taking building materials all the way from Earth to the moon, not to mention Mars, would be enormous. The space agency long ago concluded that using local materials to build

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Federal Regulations for 3D Printing

Breakthrough in medical devices, aerospace, automotive and other industries means that regulations for 3D printing are starting to become increasingly important. (Robohand image via MakerBot) High-tech industries such as aerospace and medical fields are turning to 3D printing as a replacement for standard manufacturing. What was once used as a way to produce prototypes, toys and other

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Printed Circuits with a #3dPrinter

Electronic devices and components, such as light switches, cell phones, and circuit boards, are typically made up of at least two different materials. Plastics often comprise the structure and substrate while metals like copper are necessary for conducting electricity. Any 3D printer can handle the plastic parts using easily-available filaments.  However, the electronic portions require

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