Start of SWW: Rountables

First up on the schedule at Soldiworks World is a Roundtable discussion titled “Magic Drawings”. These round tables were just recently described to me by Jeff Mirisola (of Jeff ‘s Toolshed) as “A bunch of power users sitting around bashing the product”. Now this may be the case but when I heard that I just

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Stump the Chumps at SWW10

It’s never to early to start deciding on your itinerary for break out sessions at Solidworks World. Back by popular demand, after a one year lapse, is “Stump the Chumps”. This panel of Solidworks power users will be available to answer all sorts of technical questions. Submit a problematic design or part prior to the

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Solidworks World First Timer

Solidworks is going contest crazy this year trying to get people excited for Solidworks World 2010 (only 2 months till kickoff). Tomorrow they announce the winner of the First Timer Contest. One lucky user will get their first chance to attend Solidworks and all it took was a story of their “first time” with Solidworks.

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