Custom Detailed Toy Soliders created with 3D Printing

How do you improve on a classic like toy soldiers? With the modern
industry technology of 3D printing. From greater realism to higher
durability, the possibilities are endless for how model figures can be
updated and refined for a better re-enactment experience. Current toy
soldier manufacturing generally includes casting of aluminum, plastic,
lead, or even a cardboard mixture. 3D printers used currently for the
aerospace and automotive industries use a super alloy metal powder that
has a much higher durability. Through this, there’s less replacement and
repair required for prized pieces.

Adult collectors no longer need to put their toys far from young fingers
that might break off fragile pieces. In fact, youngsters can actually
partake in the action with their parents without the well-known
admonishment of “Be careful with that!” This is how toy soldier
re-enactments can be made into a family-friendly hobby. There is also the
capability of greater realism and higher detail with a printer versus a

Re-enactors are constantly looking to improve the accurate details that
increase the realism of their pieces. With 3D printing, details and
realistic poses are possible that were not before. Individual buttons
can be included on the coat as the tails fly in the wind of battle,
mustaches can have detail on Colonel Custer, and battle wounds can have
depth and texture instead of being a simple red splatter of paint. The
realism on 3D printed toy soldiers can be high enough for props used by
amateur (or possibly even professional) film makers and photographers in
wide-sweeping panoramas. There is no longer the expectation that toy
soldiers look “good enough” for the budget. Memories can be made and
handed through generations when the durability and realism meet.

Family members can re-enact ancestors and lost loved ones in historic
battles and wars. 3D printers are not restricted to churning out the
same soldiers over and over with different paint themes with a few
well-known historical figures such as Napoleon and Alexander the Great.
The hero of your re-enactment of the Iraq War can be a close friend or
loved one who was actually on the ground for the conflict. Your
great-grandfather can be present again in the Battle of the Bulge in the
shape of a customized model figure. Such soldiers are easily heirlooms
with sentimental and historical value. Another aspect that increases the
value of 3D printed toy soldiers is the cost effect. Material-wise, 3D
printing has little to no manufacturing waste for better energy
efficiency and lower cost. For the quality and durability, these prices
can overshadow the prices required by current high-quality model
builders who have to consider the time and effort required for high
detail, durability, accuracy, and customization.

Toy soldier re-enactments of past wars and battles don’t have to be
generic because of budgeting with such capability provided by the
printers. So, how do you improve historically popular toy soldiers? With
the durability, realism, cost efficiency, and historical realism and
customization available through 3D printing, the ultimate in modern
industry technology brought to the world of toys, collectibles, and war

By: Rogy Silvido- Writer for Tradition of Londonshop(

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