Stereoscopy for Lenticular

Drawing three dimensional images are difficult to create because of the inherent two dimensional nature of the drawing surface. Over years of refinement artists have found ways to depict three dimensional items in two dimensional mediums. Perspective, foreshortening,  and ocular occlusion are only a few examples. Different layers or depth of an image will move […]

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Lenticular Imagery: 3D and Animated displays

Ten things to know (and places to learn) about lenticular technology.1. Vertical Orientation2. Horizontal Orientation3. Image Interlacing4. Stereoscopy5. Printing on the Lens6. Printing on a substrate7. Ideal Viewing distance8. Image Layer Separation (3D)9. Printing Technology10. Popular Uses of Lenticular Imagery A Redakai Lenticular trading card Lenticular imaging is popping up all over the place these

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About 3D Engineer

Contact 3D Engineer What is this 3D Engineer site about? The first items on 3DEngr were tutorials for the CSWP Exam (Certified Solidworks Professional). Over time the topics and focus have evolved into other areas: Engineering, Design, New Product Development, & Marketing. These components together have helped to create some amazing products and innovations. If

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I recently had the chance to experience an interesting piece of art by a renowned artist. That work now is gone, it lasted less than a fortnight. It was unsigned, untitled, and even the artist it is credited to is unknown except by a nickname. “Banksy” added the primary piece of vandalism in this image.

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