Can I be the Solidworks World Official Internet Correspondent.

Solidworks just announced they need one lucky user to roam the halls of Solidworks world 2010 with a camera and an all access pass. To do what exactly? Gather intel from top SW Brass about new products and features, check out all the cool add-ins at the Partner Pavilion, find the early scoop on who the special guest will be, post cool videos of things designed in Solidworks, find out what new users think of the CSWP test (offered on site), interview everyone with something to say. The possibilities are endless but let me just lay out why I think I’d do a good job providing this content to viewers.

1. Existing web presence. 3DEngr.com may be a new site but I got started here to explore the world of 3D design and what better place to do that than at Solidworks World. My RSS reader also currently looks like this:and if selected I plan to personally meet and interview the writer of each of these.

2. Been there. Good or bad it’s nice to know what your in for at least a bit with such a huge confrence. Having been to Solidworks World 08 (San Diego), I realize the enthusiasm of attendees and recognize the impact a trip can have on all. Last time around I met a few names who I still follow online. Specifically, Ben Eadie who did a great presentation on a home built 3D scanner (which later appeared on his blog). Matt Lombard, I only spoke with Matt briefly about user groups but he handed me his card for Designstuff.com and blogs which led to my google feed reader eventually looking like it does today. Matt also gave me another name, Mike Puckett, at the time the head of the Los Angeles area user group, Mike got me involved in the user group (although I haven’t been to the LA/OC group in a few months due to a extended stya in another state)

3. NOT Been There. After a great 2008 trip SWW09 in Orlando fell the same week as a tradeshow I had…in Anaheim. With no way out of it I had to follow along online so I know the audience. It’s cold, the holidays are over and you want to see pictures of cool products, hear about the crazy new features being added to SW11, get vicariously drunk at the CSWP event, and bump virtual elbows with Richard Branson (2009) and Theo Jansen (2008).

4. I’m a Local. I live in West LA about a 35-40 minute drive (or up to 55.33hours in traffic) but will be staying at a close friends during SWW to avoid said traffic. That puts me within a 5-iron of the Angels Stadium; an easy commute over to the convention center means I’ll actually be getting a good seat for the general session. Unless the video camera has some serious zoom this is necessary even with a media pass as the place fills quickly.

5. Relate to attendees. I’ve worked with Solidworks now as a Student, as an engineer where it was the existing CAD package, as an unemployed engineer through the ESP pack, and by convincing a new employer to get a seat (making me a “CAD Administrator”). I don’t plan to take one of the session “tracks” and will provide a robust overview of what is offered at SWW10 and no presenter will be safe from this correspondents camera.

6. I need a GOOD boss justification letter. Oh sure, the one of the SWW10 website is helpful but I used up a lot of my “look what this can do” karma on getting him to purchase an actual seat of the software. Being tapped as the correspondent makes it easier to swing.

7. I’ll throw a Beet. What, blatantly pandering for support from a larger site is frowned upon? With the boys over at Solidworks Legion pushing for their guy (CTopher will be my first interview BTW) I need some help.

8. I’ll tweet like it’s my job. Although technically since I will be contractually obligated it *is* my job. Get ready to see #SWW10 in your twitter client of choice with all sorts of amazing links and tips.

9. I read all the rules and agree to them. Sure this might be a minor point but it should count for something. I’m over 21, not from Brazil, China or Quebec, can meet with SW Social Media Manager before the show, don’t care about the odds of winning, and have no family or professional ties to Solidworks. We’re a go.

10. I’d really like to, please. My mom always said to try asking nicely. Being the correspondent sounds like a great opportunity and I believe I have the skills needed to be successful. So, Please let me be the Official Solidworks World 2010 Internet Correspondent.

Thanks, and hope to see you there (or if you’re not going I hope you’ll be following along online.) And if you have visited this site and liked anything it’d be really great to see a comment here or directly on the Solidworks Blog.


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