Amazon Creative Expression 3D Printing First Reviews

Every year there are new advances in technology that provide consumers with both functional and fun elements.  3D printing has recently become the number one technology to have in both the business world and the technology world.  With the ability to completely customize your own products and have them printed entirely in 3D, the 3D printing industry is taking the world by storm.  Amazon is one of the many businesses that is harnessing the power of 3D printing and providing customers with the opportunity to customize their own products.  This service is known as Amazon Creative Expressions and is quickly becoming quite popular.

Amazon and Mixee Labs

The Creative Expressions store was recently opened, to much fanfare and media coverage, and offers customers the opportunity to customize their own products.  With their partnership with Mixee Labs (a 3D printing company), consumers can choose from a variety of different products ranging from mini bobbleheads to personalized key chains.  Considering that the release of this service is relatively new, there is much more room for it to expand and harness the true power of 3D printing.


The Importance of Customer Feedback
The majority of people who will be buying these 3D printed items will generally be buying them for their first time. Therefore Amazon is quite interested in hearing what the customers have to say about the service, which makes sense given the overall importance of Amazon reviews.  Depending on the feedback, there may be more products offered to the general public to expand the experience of Amazon Creative Expressions. The one knock on the service right now (in the small number of reviews) is that the customization options are still limiting. Both the bobble head reviews and the wax stamp, for letter sealing, have the same negative noted. Since this is just a matter of new incremental designs chances are Mixee Labs will be adding more options.  Considering that it is a relatively new technology, it can be exciting to own your own personalized 3D printed product, which again is reflected in the reviews. At least one user opted to 3D print a customized doll for their baby!

Now that you are aware of what Amazon Creative Expressions is, you may be wondering what customization options are really available to the general public.  You will be able to use an interactive and in-depth online program that is incredibly simple to use and allows you to change most of what you want to purchase in as many ways as possible.  As an example, if you are purchasing a bobblehead you will be able to change the hairstyle, hair color, facial features, and clothing of the miniature model.  Plus, with the increasing popularity of 3D printing, the customization features are only bound to increase over the incoming years, offering more options to interested customers. If other sites are any indication simple devices such as phone cases, earbud storage devices, and belt buckles will be on their way soon.

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