3D Print Pulse Launches as New Hub of 3D Printing News and Information

These days the news of 3D printing developments is coming fast and furious. Popularity of the term continues to be on the rise, just take a look at the Google Trends graph below.

With that in mind the good team of Aggregage has just launched 3DPrintPulse.com. The site aggregates from a number of top resources across the web to deliver all the pertinent information regarding 3D Printing. Directly from their about page the goals of 3D Print pulse are:

  • Collect High Quality Content – The goal of a content community is to provide a high quality destination that highlights the most recent and best content from as defined by the community.
  • Provide an Easy to Navigate Site – End users most often are people who are not regular readers of the blogs and other sources. They come to the content community to find information on particular topics of interest to them. This links them across to the sources themselves. 
  • Be A Jump Off Point – To be clear all content communities are only jump off points to the sources of the content.

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