6 reasons why the 3Doodler Pro Pen is the next gen of 3D printing

The past half-decade has seen the story of the 3D printer rapidly evolve. It seems only yesterday that the first prototypes were being knocked up hobbyists and optimists, who each had wild ideas as to what this emerging technology may one day achieve. Today, however, things are quite, quite different – and much of what was envisaged, has been more than realised.

Prosthetic limbs have been cut dramatically in costs – literally changing lives; spare body parts have been printed for use in the medical industry – revolutionising surgeries. In manufacturing, 11% of international companies have switched to high volume parts created solely through 3D printing – ultimately cutting costs whilst raising quality and therefore profit.

This 3D fable has been one defined by market disruption and industry shake-ups in equal measure. Yet despite the advancement in this realm, we’ve got some pretty persuasive reasons why the 3Doodler Pro Pen, may just be the next chapter in the tale of 3D printing.

We take a look at 6 reasons why the 3Doodler Pro may just become the next generation of 3D creations through drawing:

1. It means that 3D printing has gone mobile (getting smarter in the process)

Today, we are a world of digital nomads. Everything is mobile. From our communications via smartphone and online browsing via tablet, to the schedules contained within a calendar on the wrist and finishing upon the glittering array of miniature media centres that have replaced our DVD and CD collections.


3D printers that sit upon a desk at home or in the workplace – immobile and otherwise tricky to take with you when you’re jetting away somewhere, are then pretty archaic in comparison to our now mobile world.

The 3Doodler pen is 3D printing, only smarter, completely mobile and a whole lot more practical.

2. It finally delivers the ability to work with many (many) materials

The industries that 3D printing has applications for is all-encompassing. From manufacturing, to medical, and onto engineering and architecture. Professionals throughout these industries have many differing demands and requirements of the products that they print. Which is why the varying materials that this 3D pen works with are so impressive, including wood (yes, wood!), copper, nylon, polycarbonate and bronze.


Of course these materials then place practical considerations on the 3D pen’s functions – for which there are a collection of settings. These include: temperature control, speed settings and a built-in variable fan.

3. It makes a mockery of the restrictive prototype sizing of traditional printers

They say that size doesn’t matter. Well, it does when it comes to prototypes. Traditional 3D printers place literal limitations on you – no more so when in relation to the size of the prototype that you’re able to produce. With the 3Doodler Pro, these restrictions are removed. For prototypes that can be as large or as small as you wish.

Let us take a look at Grace Du Prez who demonstrates this peferctly by using the 3Doodler Pen to print out a 3D life size Nissan Qashqai Black Edition Crossover SUV.


4. It allows the user to run and be free! (Which is why creatives are going to love the 3Doodler)

With desktop 3D printing, you have to create a 3D package, mull over how the package works and then understand how you’ll use the package. For creatives, these restrictions are soul (and inspiration) sapping. Whilst they’re grappling and wrestling with the nuts and bolts of 3D printing software, their ideas, visions and literal light bulb moments may only get dimmer, and further away.


All in all, for those in the creative industries the ability to work freely and create on a whim is a non-negotiable. The 3Doodler Pro places the power of 3D creations, into creatives’ hands. Ultimately? The 3Doodler Pro lets your mind (and your 3D creations) run free.

5. It boasts a plug and play setup. It’s pretty simple (but revolutionary) stuff

Software doesn’t only impact upon the average creative – it also creates a reliance that means you need to tow your PC or laptop with you wherever you go.


With the 3Doodler Pro, you’re literally set free from the wires and cumbersome hardware set-ups. You’re also set free from waiting an age for package set-ups and system boot-ups – for 3D printing that can get going within a matter of one to two minutes.

6. Getting to the matter of cold, hard, cash: It’s cheaper

Often, innovation and early adopters of emerging technology get stung with higher prices.

Whilst 3D technology has been falling in price over the most recent of years (with price points that are of stark comparison to the sky high prices of the earliest of years), for many, this tech is still unattainable.

The 3Doodler bucks this timeless technological trend of high early costs, by coming in at a price that’s far cheaper than your traditional 3D printer.

Why the 3d pen is the next generation of 3d printing


About the Author:

Alex McIl comes from an engineering background where he was introduced to 3D Computer Aided Design & Rendering. He is now the author of apm-designs.com (3D printers explained) and can be followed at @apmdesigns.


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