3D Printers in Public Libraries & Makerspaces

I saw a very cool display as soon as I entered the lobby of the Middleton Public Library, right outside of Madison, WI. It was a beautiful Ultimaker 2 3D printer along with a variety of colors of filament and fun objects that were 3d printed.
Public Library 3d printer program
It’s great that they have a livecam to see the printer in action at the Middleton Media Maker Lab. Do you have an interesting 3d printing program in your public library or makerspace? Leave a comment about it or send us a message. We’d love to share your story.

Brian, recently shared the story of the Media Maker Lab with us in a full 3D Engineer article. He talks about how 3D printing is a big part of what we does to engage students at his school and in his teaching.

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