10 Unique 3D Printers: DeltaMaker By DeltaMaker

Deltamaker is a unique take on the form factor of printers. The delta tripod opens up the build window and has the added effect of looking really cool while working. This is one of the machines that is still in the early stages but with a fully funded Kick Starter campaign the team should be encouraged and hopefully able to continue improving the device in future interactions. A closed build compartment would help to avoid any interference from dust and debris and also better predict the reaction of the material.

As the platform itself is proved out there is nothing stopping the Delta from using other materials or even having bolt on cartridges. There are some logistical limitations to be overcome if the Deltamaker is ever to print in multiple materials during the same build an additional channel for the separate material will add some complexity to the design. The positioning of the machine though, as something of a piece of art itself, does allow for some interesting opportunities. Fully perfected it would be great to see an art installation of a Delta in a museum, potentially even replicating other great works of art while mesmerizing attendees with its sleek design and fluid movements.

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