10 Unique 3D Printers: 3Doodler By WobbleWorks

The 3Doodler is not a 3D printer, it is however an additive manufacturing device. The difference is very clear when you look at the form factor. As a handheld device there is nothing controlling where the 3Doodler lays down material except for the user. It’s interesting that an industrious hacker could put together a small CNC platform that would essentially turn the 3Doodler into a printer with a few snaps. Just plug it in, program the CNC and you have a rudimentary printer. Thinking about it now it’s surprising that this idea took so long to come around as anyone who had a MakerBot or home 3Dprinter could have disassembled 90% of the larger printer and gotten to a 3Doodler (okay, I’m sure it’s more complicated than that and do not want to downplay the engineering the guys from Wobble Works did).
Positioned as something of a toy, and developed by engineers from the toy industry, the 3Doodler helps to bring the concept of additive manufacturing to a new user. Over time it is exactly this type of development that allows for breakthroughs in technology. Hopefully one of the kids who is exposed to the 3Doodler, thanks to it’s accessible price and ease of use, will be inspired and their innovation and creativity will produce a new technology none of us have even yet dreamed of.
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