XYZprinting Da Vinci 2.0 Review


Technological creativity has not only introduced 3D printing to various industries but has also put the option within reach of the average consumer. The XYZ Printing Da Vinci 2.0 is a fine example of one of those options. The capabilities of the printer make it possible to transform virtual concepts into reality and, the device comes equipped with features that ensure a user-friendly experience. The printer revolutionizes design concepts by allowing owners to create amazing objects.


  • Easy to read LED display
  • Adjustable print qualities
  • Fine, standard, fast and ultra-fast speeds
  • Automatic calibrations
  • Connectivity via USB 2.0
  • Compatible with Windows XP having Net 4.0, Windows 7 or greater, Mac OSX 10.8 64-Bit or greater
  • Dual color printing heads
  • Fifteen filament color options
  • Easy to install and remove filament cartridges
  • Filament level detection
  • A self-cleaning nozzle that measures 0.4 millimeters in diameter
  • Creates objects having measurements up to 5.9″W x 7.8″H x 7.5″
  • Upgrades software automatically
  • Comes fully assembled


The main advantage to using the XYZ Printing da Vinci over competitive versions is the ease of use. Regardless of experience level in operating or working with a 3D printer, this version quickly and without difficulty allows anyone to convert two-dimensional drawings into three-dimensional objects within a short period of time. Designed to be a plug-and-play device, putting the printer into action merely requires connecting the printer to a computer, opening the software, opening or importing the desired files, customizing the settings if desired and printing the sketch.

Safety is also not an issue as the operator is never exposed to high temperatures while the printer is functional because of the overall closed case design. The printer does emit a warning alarm if the door is opened during the process. Only the printer head and not the filament moves during the printing process. The readout provides details concerning the filament and table temperatures, along with instruction as to when to remove a completed project.

Convenience is another major consideration when looking at 3D printers. The display also provides the time required for project completion and the time remaining on the printing process. The XYZ features efficient programming that enables users to perform any of the customization tasks needed prior to printing. The simple interface upgrades periodically, which ensures the highest quality of production possible. By accessing the cloud library online, users get thousands of model files or may create and share files.

The da Vinci is relatively inexpensive with a price tag of $649 which makes it that much more accessible to a larger demographic of clients. While many businesses may benefit from owning the printer, individuals can also afford the technology.


With the device’s many attributes, there are not too many downsides. The special filament cartridges required for the XYZ are also not interchangeable with other brands. Printer owners must replace the component with authentic parts obtained through the manufacturer. The device also only functions using spools containing ABS or PLA. Though having cabinet openings that act as handles, the printer weighs 65 pounds, making portability somewhat of a challenge.


While having some drawbacks, the advantages of owning and using the Da Vinci 2.0 make the device worth the money if interested in 3D printing. The overall quality of the machine combined with affordability and ease of use make the printer a viable product for businesses, individuals or schools.


  1. This would be a truly great printer if not for the firmware. The printer uses proprietary cartridges for the filament. Nothing too strange here. The problem is that they included code in the firmware which permanently bricks the whole unit if it detects a refilled or reused cartridge. There is no warning or user confirmation necessary. It is one thing to sell your own type of filament to make more money but this goes way beyond that. No one would purchase a cannon printer if they made them die the first time you bought generic ink. As far as the machine itself goes, it is probably one of the best machines available today for performance and reliability. This crooked firmware move ruins an otherwise great product.

  2. Having had this printer for two day I have to say it is good but not great. Unboxing and setup were easy and took less than half an hour with the instructions, which are easy to follow. For the price I think it is a great buy but there are a few kinks that need to be ironed out.
    – When I went to print the demo, nothing happened. After some time tinkering around and cleaning the nozzles it was up and going. I can’t figure out how it shipped with a clogged nozzle.
    – My first print stuck to the bed so badly that it broke trying to get it loose. I would advise you to pick up some 3d printing tape to help with this.
    – Once I had it connected to my computer and went to run another print nothing happened again. This time it was not just a clogged head. I got in touch with support and they were very helpful. They responded almost instantly and told me to try calibrating the unit.
    – Here is the main reason this product did not get a better rating from me. The calibration process is a pain. It involves turning three adjustment wheels to a value of 100 with a margin for error of 10. This would be easy if the wheels were numbered or even marked. As it is you just have to make the adjustments then run the calibration program and wait 3-5 minutes to see how close you got. In the end it took me six attempts to get it right.
    Since I got it calibrated it has performed just fine. The print quality is great but you will need to clean the heads after every print to ensure proper operation. The support team is fantastic and always there to help even at odd hours. If you are looking to get into 3d printing I recommend you buy this printer and a roll of 3d printing tape. You will be happy with your purchase

  3. After extensive research I finally decided to go with this one. I am one of those people who will spend months exhaustively researching every aspect of competing products before I can make a decision. I settled on this one and hoped that it wouldn’t let me down. I am happy to say that this printer lives up to the advertisements. Since I received my unit I have been printing nonstop. I have noticed that one of the extruders rubs the bed when it is moving but I have not gotten brave enough to try to calibrate it yet. Every time I have had a question tech support has been quick and helpful with the answers. I was having trouble selecting the extruder I wanted to use for a print, so I posted on the support forum. It took less than an hour to get an email detailing exactly how to solve this. It is really simple actually, just requires a right click on the object being printed. The only things I would add are a way to keep the light on when printing and to make it compatible with 3rd party software. The included software works well enough and is not too complicated but it would be nice to have some choices. If you try to print multiple objects simultaneously make sure they are properly arranged and not sinking into the bed before you start or the printer will just dump filament on the spot and continue on. All in all this is a solid product with great support I recommend it to anyone.

  4. I normally don’t put much stock into one star reviews that basically just say that it never worked. This is just a sign of someone getting a defective unit. The problem is when most of the units shipped seem to be defective. This seems to be the case with this printer. Mine won’t load filament cartridges, clogs up before it even gets going, and won’t let the heads home correctly. I tried the help chat on their website and can’t imagine that anyone working there speaks English even as a second language. I will definitely be returning this which sucks because it was my favorite Christmas gift. After spending the whole of Christmas day trying to trouble shoot a nonfunctioning product I am not willing to put any more time into it.

  5. We purchased this printer for use at school to get our kids interested in fabrication and design. Even for someone with zero experience with these machines, the setup was easy. It is very nearly plug and play. Our eighth graders helped me get it setup and we ran the demo without a hitch. In no time we had the kids designing objects in tinkercad which we were able to download and print easily with the included software. The only issue we ran into was the need to install a graphics card to handle the 3d rendering. Though this is in no way the printer’s fault. It is just something to keep in mind if your pc is as ancient as the ones at our school. This is a fantastic beginner printer at a great price. I can’t wait to see all the things the students come up with.

  6. This is a solid product at a reasonable price. It was a little slow getting it set up since I had to manually calibrate the unit to get it to print. Thankfully the instructions were clear and easy to follow. Another slight issue arose trying to get the filament to load, but after a few tries it went through. I maybe should have let it warm up more first.
    My first print was an elephant statue I downloaded off thingiverse and it came out perfectly. The print quality was better than I was expecting. I have read a lot of reviews about people having trouble getting items to print. It is important to remember that this is still new technology and there is going to be some tinkering involved to get the results you are looking for. With that in mind I couldn’t be happier with this purchase. It is well made and as close to plug and play as you are going to find in today’s market.

  7. I’ve had my David Vinci 2 for a week now, and found the packaging quality far above average, but you have to look carefully to find it all, and use the instructions. This made my first impression “quality”.
    However, after setup, which went well, I too went to print a demo piece, and it pulled the plastic off the bed or it peeled up. I applied a lot more glue and fixed this, but no thanks to the documentation. This is good quality but there isn’t much of it.
    My next attempt resulted in nothing at all, then error 30 followed by error 11’s. I reinstalled the cartridges and reloaded the heads after cleaning, and from that moment it’s run like a charm. This is a bucket list item so pretty important.
    Coming to grips with the software is next. The disk I got has nothing like a tutorial so I’m experimenting and looking at online resources. This is where a book would be great (yeah, I’m old).
    Overall, I gave 4 stars because it did everything promised (and more) except work on the first attempt – and this was partly my fault. A tutorial would be nice but there are lots of items out there without them so I’m not really upset.
    I’m impressed with the specs, overall build quality, and the output from the demos. I would now not consider either a single head machine or open frame one. In retrospect, it is easy to use. 4 stars and a half possibly if I could give one. I’d happily buy this again.

  8. This printer is the worst investment I could have made for my computer class!!!!! The kids worked hard to get this funded and it has been nothing but one big nightmare! I would give their customer support a 0 rating. We have only purchased and used 100% xyz filament and we still get error messages stating we need to use “their” products. One day it will print with their cartridge, the next day it might not! I will NEVER purchase from this company again!

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