XYZprinting da Vinci 1.0 All-in-One Review


XYZprinting is a relatively new company, founded in 2013, but has already released several 3D printers to the public. They are committed to creating cost-effective products to the consumer market and businesses worldwide. They have been focused on user experience with every product they have brought to the market. Their focus on innovation has put them in a good position to compete in the 3D printer market. The support of Kinpo Group, a world leading conglomerate in electronic manufacturing, gives XYZprinting access to thousands of engineers in four continents for research and development. Kinpo Group has been developing and manufacturing printers for commercial and personal use for more than a decade. In 2014 XYZprinting was given recognition by Tom’s Guide Readers’ Choice Award for their developments in the 3D printing industry. The Company also won the CES 2014 Editors’ Choice Award for their first version of the da Vinci 3D printer. The printer was credited with being the most user-friendly and affordable 3D printer. Those individuals interested in a desktop 3D printer should consider XYZprinting’s newest version of the da Vinci 3D printer.

The da Vinci 1.0 AiO is a good option for 3D printing enthusiasts that are interested in a versatile user friendly experience. It is relatively inexpensive and includes a 3D scanner. The scanning platform is located below the printing platform and can scan objects at a maximum size of 6 x 6 x 6 inches. The scanner is especially good for consumers without 3D modeling skills. The printer comes assemble and calibrated straight out of the box. There is a lot of packing material, so be prepared to spend some time removing tape and cutting zip ties. If anything happens to the printer during unpacking, there is an option to manually calibrate the printer. The AiO is a rather large printer for a single extruder (18.4 x 20.1 x 22 inches). The printer comes with an ABS filament cartridge for the user’s first print.


The XYZprinting da Vinci 1.0 AiO works very nicely as a 3D printer. It also doubles as a 3D scanner, which is really fun to use. The scanner is very convenient for first time users that are not familiar with CAD programs and digital 3D files. The printer has a large print platform in comparison to other desktop 3D printers. For this reason the printer is capable of printing larger object then other desktop printers. In most cases, this printer provides and “out-of-the-box” experience for consumers, meaning there is little to no calibration or assembly required. This printer is also very moderately priced. This printer is reliable and easy to use. There is a digital display screen on the front of the AiO. A portion of this display screen shows the amount of filament left on the spool. This feature is especially handy because the spool is hidden within the cartridge. Replacing the filament is extremely easy because of the cartridge feature. There are a variety of filament colors available allowing uses to print multiple variations of their favorite models.


The XYZprinting da Vinci 1.0 AiO uses proprietary filament cartridges. Users can only use filament produced by XYZprinting. These cartridges put users at the mercy of XYZprinting’s pricing model and these cartridges are more expensive than comparable filament spools. The printing platform is difficult to access, making it hard to clean. The platform is not removable like some other brands of printers. Filament cartridges cannot be swap during a job; users must be sure that they have enough filament for their next job. Also, this printer can only print in one color in a single job. Individuals that are interested in printing with multiple colors should consider a 3D printer with dual extruders.

5 thoughts on “XYZprinting da Vinci 1.0 All-in-One Review”

  1. I bought the da Vinci all-in-one because it seemed like an affordable 3D printer and scanner that offered a comprehensive look at the technology. Immediately after unpacking the printer, I upgraded the firmware. With the upgrade complete, I downloaded a file from Thingiverse and prepared the print bed per instructions.

    What was supposed to be a replica of a pen was printed as a blob of filament. My second attempt at creating an object did not fair much better. I don’t have time to spend days calibrating what was supposed to be a plug-and-play device. I returned it.

  2. I am new to 3D printing. I chose the da Vinci for the many features that include the scanning ability. During the set-up process, the 0031 error displayed. The extruder was not moving properly on the Y-axis. With insight provided by tech support, I discovered that the problem lie in the displacement of the filament cartridge. Once repositioned, the problem was solved.

    Printing effectively comes with trial and error. The machine takes a while to learn. I watched various videos to better familiarize myself with the process. One of the first things I discovered was the importance of applying glue-stick on the print platform. When skipping this step, the object lifts and moves around on the bed. With the basics of printing acquired, I went on to learning about the printer’s scanning abilities and the software. My desire is to bring my own designs to life.

    I do wish that the printer was equipped with a better instruction manual. When having my axes problems, the manual identified the error but did not illustrate the specific areas that might have caused the malfunction. A detailed parts list might have offered clarity. Otherwise, I think this is a fantastic machine. To date I have used the printer for well over 100 hours. I make sure to keep the extruder nozzle clean. While all of my projects are not perfect, I have successfully made many exquisite pieces.

  3. I think this printer is a wonderful starter 3d printer for anyone unfamiliar with 3D printing. Anyone who can install a program on a PC from a CD can pretty much operate the da Vinci. For the print quality that this machine capably produces, it could easily cost a great deal more. In fact, I have seen projects created by machines costing upwards of $1,500 and the XYZ does a better job in my opinion. The software is almost too basic and offers limited control options. One of the few drawbacks involves needing company manufactured cartridges that contain a chip, which makes the filament nearly twice the price of other products. Otherwise, I would give this machine four out of five stars.

  4. I believe that many of the negative reviews that the XYZ and other printers receive comes from a lack of experience and knowledge concerning the technology. I’ve been using 3D printers for more than two decades and am fully aware of their capabilities and shortcomings. I also have extensive experience with CAD/CAM. Devices as complex as 3D printers are commonly not going to function up to par right out of the box. The plate may need leveling, loose connections may need tightened and calibrations often need adjusting. My XYZ required attention in these areas. While the spools are expensive, the cartridge is easy to load and provides consistent performance.

    I think the prints made are on the course side compared to more expensive 3d printers. However, for making brackets, gears, sprockets or similar uncomplicated designs, the printer is ideal. This not the fastest 3d printer either. Seemingly simple prints can take hours before rendering completion. I am not impressed with the scanning software. I made the decision to go with a third-party alternative. It also takes some knowledge of how to convert a scan into a 3D object. The scans are quick. However, the size of reproductions are limited.

  5. This is a horrible device and I don’t understand where these positive reviews are coming from. I spent countless hours trying to get a decent print out of it, no luck. The scanner is even worse, I have yet to complete a full scan successfully, it always resets in the middle. This is a cheap piece of junk, the service is horrible, the software is trash, enough said.

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