Robo 3D R1 Review


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The Robo 3D R1 is a very good printer and exceptionally good value. The printer comes fully assembled and requires minimal effort to become operational. It can print using PLA and ABS materials, as well as specialty materials. The all-metal-hot-end allows this printer to print with a wide variety of materials. The Robo 3D R1 prints at a resolution of 0.10mm. The Robo 3D R1 is capable of creating all kinds of objects of different shapes and sizes. With a maximum build volume of 10 x 9 x 8 inches, this printer can produce fairly large scale objects. 3D printers of equal size and ability can cost more than three times as much as the Robo 3D R1. The price discrepancy is undeniable and makes the decision easy for consumers purchasing their first 3D printer. The printer allows users to print items directly from an SD card. There is no need to leave a computer wired to the printer. This feature makes it ideal for multiple users. It is a great option for classrooms, libraries, or business, where multiple users is likely. The printer does not need to be placed on your desk. It can be nestled into a corner or put on display away from your workstation. The automatic calibration is a feature that truly separates this printer from others. Proper calibration is absolutely necessary for a successful print. Manually calibrating a machine can take time and technical knowledge. The feature makes the Robo 3D R1 especially user friendly. Calibrating this machine only requires you to bring the extruder head down until it touches the two different points of the build platform. Once that task is complete your Robo 3D R1 is calibrated and ready to print. This printer has a 100 micron resolution, which is quite incredible. This resolution is comparable to printers that cost more than 2 and 3 thousand dollars. The printer has only one extruder; it can print with only one color or material at a time. Consumers should consider a printer with dual-extruders if multi-color builds are a must.

Additional Features and Specifications

• High Quality Rods and Linear Bearings

• High Quality Linear Motion System

• Additional Printing Materials: LAYWOO-D3, t-glase, and other specialty filaments

• Spool Holder: 15 x 22 x 18.25 in (38.1 x 55.88 x 46.35 cm)

• Single Head Extrusion

• Heated Build Platform

• 0.4mm Hexagon All-Metal-Hot-End Prints with All Materials

• 1.75mm filament

• 8 Im8uu bearings for precision movements

• 5 Nema 17 motors

• 12V 30amps power

About Robo3D and Partners

The Robo 3D team is located in San Diego, CA. The Robo3D company partners with MatterHackers to help sell and market their machine. MatterHackers also has custom software called MatterControl that comes with the Robo 3D R1 at initial purchase. This software ensures proper builds and performs slicing duties. Robo3D started as a Kickstarter project. The company received an unprecedented amount of initial orders. Now the company is more established and able to process traditional orders. They continue to make improvements to their technology. Robo 3D offers a 6 month warranty that covers all replacement parts. Customers who order through MatterHackers receive their technical support along with Robo 3D’s warranty. MatterHackers has all the different filament materials for Robo 3D R1 users to replenish.

Robo 3D R1 has a lot of great features at an excellent value. 3D printing enthusiasts that are searching for their first 3D printer at a minimal expense should definitely consider this printer.

Be sure to check out the latest Robo R2 Smart 3d printer review.

4 thoughts on “Robo 3D R1 Review”

  1. I am thrilled with the Robo 3D R1 printer. For me, it has been a plug n’ play device straight out of the box. However, be forewarned, the device did need some tweaking that included ensuring that the Z-axis carriage was seated properly and all of the machine’s bolts were tight. The Y-axis belt was also loose from a broken clip. Once I had that repaired and under control, I could start printing. I am having so much fun with this printer. The software is easy to understand and use whether you are a novice or an experienced 3D hobbyist.

    In time, as you gradually gain experience and knowledge, you can begin making more detailed prints. Exploring and learning the information in the intermediate and advanced menus offers much more control over the entire process. I particularly appreciate the fact that the printer automatically levels the build platform before starting the next project. The instructional video is basic. However, it is a must see for the wealth of information it contains. New 3D print hobbyists can also visit the Robo 3D forum for more tips, tricks and information. I am so glad I took the plunge and made the purchase.

    1. I was very disappointed with my Robo machine. They shipped it without motion sensors installed so it wouldn’t stop correctly. They excepted me to pay for courier charges of shipping the missing parts to my office. And the prints won’t stay on baseplate, slip off. They supplied a new Base plate when I paid for other parts to be couriered, an admission that old one is not doing its job. Unfortunately the new base plate could not be fitted, the wires had fault.the machine does not auto adjust as advertised it’s not plug and play. Still haven’t been able to use it and client service is very poor

  2. This printer seems like a very good value – big print volume and lots of feature at a reasonable price. However before you buy this printer go to the robo forums and check out what other users needed to go through before you can get this printer to work. You will have to lubricate many parts, reload the firmware, tinker with hundreds of settings, buy all kinds of upgrades and mods before you will have a fully functional 3d printer. I made a mistake and didn’t research properly and had to return the printer because it just wasn’t working out of the box. When I spend $800 I expect things to work.

  3. I obtained a Robo3d for a heck of a deal from craigslist, and even with not buying from Robo direct, they still have amazing customer service. Also the printer I bought needed a part, which shipped out to me very quickly and once installed was very close to plug and play. I had to do some (very little) configuration, and although this was my very first 3d printer, I had it up and running and printed a calibration cube in no time.. I would highly recommend this printer to someone just starting out, along with the experienced. It has very easy to use interface, customer service that is amazing, and the ability to use other software and get deep into the programming.

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