Imported Part Repair – CSWP Mold Tools

It is a truth of the real world that not all systems or software is going to be compatible. Working out of Solidworks to design a mold in no way guarantees the part the mold is for will be made in the same software. Still, a solid model or even a surface model of the component will work though there may be some repair that is needed.

Most imported part repair will center around creating faces and surfaces that form a true model and have no gaps or overlays. A gap in a surface feature will be seen as something that has to be dealt with by shut-off surfaces, or that could make the core/cavity and other features fail entirely. So how to go about fixing these defects?
The best tip I have for this is to refer to the help files also import diagnostics. I’ll admit that I am a bit fuzzy on the best practices to use here, or what the certification guys are getting at (I’ll update after the exam with any broad topics) but mostly this is going to be a simple fix if anything. To “study” for this portion I spent some time using the fill surface, knit surfaces and offset surface features as they appear to be the ones that will be used. I hate to leave anything to chance but I am also relying on the fact that the help files can be accessed during the exam. They are a part of the software and if I run into an issue I don’t know a few minutes with the help menus should be able to provide a solution or workaround.

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