How to Convert Video Formats

Video indoctrination process includes converting digital video files from one format to another. If asked, I would say that videos are the best forms of expressing pretty much of anything. This is because most people would change the format of a video file to transfer a movie to transfer a clip to a different file type. Most of the time, this is for various reasons such as viewing on a mobile device, uploading to the internet and for compression to save space on devices. Nevertheless, most devices and services have a limited support for video format. The process is, however, much easy with the right software as they are normally equipped with free apps that will automatically assist you. There are numerous both paid-for and free video converters that can be of assistance in case you want to convert a video file. In this article, we discuss some of these tools.



Most VLC users have always only used it as a free video and audio player. Little did they know that VLC is a convenient video converter, I’m sure they would be surprised. Indeed it is and to prove this, the process is quite simple. Lunch your VLC app as usual and choose the converter/save option. After setting it to your preferred format pick a video and click convert. Preferably, ensure that you set it to mp3 for audio and not MPEG format. VLC, however, does not indicate on completion but you can check on them by clicking on the display output option.

Handbrake Handbrake, just as the Freemake converter, is another popular free option converter. It is, however, not that easy to use as it has a much more complicated interface. For instance, if in case you are looking forward to converting numerous videos, it can be a challenge. But for single video conversion, framerates, and quality bitrates, handbrake converter is a great option.



The Freemake converter is simpler to use and is also efficient. With this converter, you are able to not only convert full videos but also just a portion of your choice. Just as the name suggests, the Freemake converter is free and in recent cases, it has been without unwanted software during installation. The converter has additional great features where it always leaves your final project a made with Freemake splash at the end of your video. Some of its great features are featured on this website


CyberLink MediaEspresso 7.5

Unlike the other video converters, CyberLink MediaEspresso 7.5 is a paid for video converter. It is a convenient version of a converter with numerous great features. For instance, MediaEspresso does not watermark or add splashes to your video. In addition, it does support the Intel Quick sync, nVidia and AMD apps. These apps are known to speed up the process of conversion. Besides that, CyberLink MediaEspresso 7.5 can additionally convert photos and audios thus making it a versatile video converter.


Wondershare Window Converter Ultimate

It is more advanced hence can be a good option for established users. This is as with its numerous features that allow for multiple functions. For instance, you are able to edit your files, crop out bars, and adjust brightness among other great features. In addition, aside from just converting videos, Wondershare Window Converter Ultimate enables DVD writing with optional menus.


Converting video format can come with numerous effects. It is, therefore crucial that you be careful with various settings before executing the task. The most experienced being the changing of video size which can either increase or decrease. Always consider using the right software and set it according to your preference.


This is post from a guest author about converting video formats. Please comment with your own insights about how to convert video formats. 


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