Cubify Draw App Review: A Mobile Way To Create 3D Models

A major hurdle to wide spread adoption of home 3d printing is the learning curve to designing items to print. Cubify Draw, a free app available for iOS devices attempts to overcome that hurdle. Although it is limited in its functionality the simple app is useful in making simple designs and explaining how 3D printing works.

To create a design all that is needed is a finger drawing. The app works to extrude a single profile into a 3D item and then preps the file for printing. Slicing the model into layers is the real power here, which is likely why it is limited to a single profile. Kit 3D printers still require a lot of file manipulation just to prepare it for printing but the Cube Printer, a low cost $1300 entry into home printing, is designed to overcome that.

Cubify Draw does not solve the issues of working with complex models, but the ease of use does allow the cube to offer a design software for young or inexperienced users to get acquainted with the idea of 3D printing. A sample of one easy design possible with the Cubify Draw app is shown in the video below.

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