CSWP Prep: Tangix Tester

The testing client is a stand alone software that must be downloaded to the testing computer. It is available online and is a small application, total download time is usually less than a minute. Initially a user must setup an account, or login to an existing account. Users who have taken other exams (such as the CSWA) or who have already taken the CSWP should login using the same account. Each account will be linked to an individual and can contain all future certifications (Mold Tools, Surfacing, CSWE, etc.).

Once logged in the exam selection screen will show test for which a user is eligible along with a green arrow for “Start Exam” for those tests which have been paid for and a voucher entered. Also available is the Event ID/Voucher field. Remember that for every seat on subscription a voucher is provided for a test, this is where the voucher code should be entered.

Fig. 1- Tangix Testing Client Layout

Tangix will be used to display the questions and download the associated models. Models views and images displayed in the testing client can be zoomed in by simply clicking the image. To activate additional images click the thumbnail in the small filmstrip. The window will appear behind Solidworks if inactive and it is suggested, if possible, to utilize dual monitors to allow for concurrent viewing of Solidworks and the Tangix client. If windows must be stacked, and even if using dual monitors, realize the the Tangix client is SINGLE CLICK ACTIVATED. When clicking to activate the client it is thus very easy to accidentally change an answer on a multiple choice question.

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